LaTanya Young, Dr. Dre’s 37-year-old daughter, pits part of the reprimand on the music producer’s estranged wife

LaTanya Young, the oldest daughter of music mogul Dr. Dre, has declared that it’s been 17 years since she’s watched her father.

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The Daily Mail reports the Young, 37, put partial reference for their estranged status on Nicole Young, Dre’s longtime wife with whom he is right now divorcing.

Young is among three daughters that Dre, 55, whose genuine name is Andre Young, share with previous girlfriend Lisa Johnson. Dre and also Johnson broke up once LaTanya Young was five. Since that time, she’s had small contact with her father, stating the she had to go with middle guys to contact her him. Dre is just one of hip hop’s most prolific music producers.

“I hated walk through third parties. If I essential him, I’d have to go to the studio and also get bombarded and talked come by his security,” Young stated in an interview v DailyMailTV. “I would have to go with his accountant or his right-hand man. I would certainly never understand whether he got my messages. I have actually never had actually a straight line come him.”

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Young is a mom of four and also has struggled financially throughout she adult life. She claims that she father once available to pay she college tuition, yet it never concerned pass.


She even recalled one occurrence from her teenage years as soon as Nicole Young refuse her and also her youngest sister, Ashley Young, native coming v the gate of Dre’s home.

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“She asked united state what us were act there and said that he was sleeping, and also she threatened to call the police top top us,” LaTanya Young explained.

With the divorce pending, LaTanya to be hoping that Dre would be an ext receptive to resolving their relationship.

“I believed that ~ Nicole was out of the family, points would it is in better,” she said.

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