Dove Cameron has actually surely make a surname for herself, yet what about her lesser-known enlarge sister? return Dove is not, in fact, a twin favor her personalities on Liv and also Maddie room – she does have actually an older sister by the name of Claire Hosterman. And also even though she’s no Dove-level fame, she’s an exceptional performer similar to her lil sis. So what’s her story exactly? Here’s every little thing you have to know about the beautiful and talented Cameron (er, Hosterman) sister.

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She and Dove re-superstructure the very same parents.

Don’t let Dove’s name fool you. Although us all understand her best as Dove Cameron, her actual name is Chloe Hosterman – so yeah, they’re both Hosterman gals. The sister share the same parents – Bonnie J. Wallace and also the so late Philip Alan Hosterman. Your father passed away in 2011 as soon as Dove was just 15 year old.

Our household has always celebrated 2 Thanksgivings. This year us went because that three.

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What a beautiful weekend v the Wallace/Walker/Wolfram/Hosterman clan. ❤️