President Donald trump card speaks during a White house meeting with Republican members of conference on December 5. Win McNamee/Getty Images
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President Donald Trump"s teeth became an unanticipated talking point following his speech on the acknowledgment of Jerusalem together Israel"s resources on Wednesday, after his slurred words made it appear he might be wearing dentures.

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The president"s joint of the unified States—which sound slurred—set tongues wagging, v a number of social media individuals questioning even if it is Trump was wearing false teeth.

A clip indigenous the president"s decided on Jerusalem appeared to present him struggling come enunciate specific words and also sucking in his teeth—in a relocate that did no go unnoticed by the Twittersphere.

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"Trump"s false this so unhappy with his Jerusalem decided they summarily tried come fly the end of his mouth," a user wrote. Others said the president"s teeth had "joined the resistance" in protest at his decision to start plans to move the U.S. Embassy come Jerusalem.

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