Donald Trump’s star top top the Hollywood go of Fame, which he received in 2007 in the television category.

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Hulk smash!

President Donald Trump’s embattled star top top the Hollywood to walk of Fame has been damaged again — this time by an angry eco-friendly Avenger.

The sidewalk star to be defaced with a pickax early Friday morning by a human being dressed as the remarkable Hulk, the Marvel superhero, stated Jeff Lee, a public details officer because that the Los Angeles Police Dept.

Police officers responded to the scene roughly 5:50 a.m. And a vandalism report to be taken native witnesses, Lee said. No arrests were made and also the examination will it is in handed over to detectives, “just like any other vandalism” case.


Frank Nielsen takes a picture of the spot where President Donald Trump’s star is collection on the Hollywood walk of Fame. That was extended with plywood and also surrounded by fencing and also tarps after ~ it was vandalized Friday morning.
The incident occurred just hours after the president revealed that he and first Lady Melania Trump contracted the novel coronavirus — a hazard he has actually downplayed for months.

The Hollywood Boulevard plaque sustained an ext than $3,000 in damage, a spokeswoman because that the Hollywood room of commerce told The Times. That bump up the crime come a felony.


Dave cuts appropriate to the chase v his question: “Who decides and also who pays because that it when someone it s okay a Hollywood walk of call star?”

And the star will certainly be replaced — again — by the chamber, which administers the Hollywood go of Fame.

“Any star, i m sorry is vandalized or destroyed, no issue which honoree that belongs to will certainly be changed by the Hollywood historic Trust, a non-profit, non-partisan group,” stated chamber President and also CEO Rana Ghadban in a statement to The Times.

Ghadban continued: “When world are angry with one of our honorees, we would certainly hope the they would task their rage in more positive means than to vandalize a California State landmark. Ours democracy is based upon respect because that the law. People can make a real distinction by voting and not destroying public property.”


Repairs were already underway Friday afternoon and also the star was spanned with plywood and also hidden indigenous public view.

The above pink-hued landmarks dot the streets of Hollywood and also celebrate the professional contributions that inductees. Trump obtained his star in 2007 in the television classification as a producer because that his job-related on the beauty beauty pageants that he owned.

In recent years, the street monument has end up being a battleground because that political conflict in Los Angeles, often hosting protests, gift spat upon or created on. In 2016 it was bashed with a sledgehammer, and in 2018 it was damaged with a pickax.


Follow along right here for the latest about Trump’s confident coronavirus test and also what the news means for the presidential campaign.

This will certainly be the 3rd time the former “Celebrity Apprentice” host’s star will certainly be replaced by the trust, the room said. Clean streets LA has actually previously cleaned increase graffiti the the star sustained. However the stars are normally maintained top top a voluntary basis by the Hollywood historic Trust, i m sorry preserves Tinseltown’s history, and no taxpayer dollars are used, the team said.

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Other stars because that fallen symbols such together Bill Cosby and also Michael Jackson have likewise endured bouts that vandalism but have never ever been removed.