previous U.S. Chairman Donald trumped speaks throughout the Rally To defend Our vote conference ~ above July 24, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Phoenix-based political organization transforming Point action hosted former President Donald Trump alongside GOP Arizona candidates who have started candidacy because that government elected roles. photo credit Brandon Bell/Getty photos

When previous President Donald trump was chosen to the united States' highest possible position, he stated he would certainly be donating his whole salary. However, the now shows up that the president did not donate the last six months that his salary, follow to the Washington Post.

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The president of the joined States makes $400,000 a year and also is not enabled to decline their paycheck. George Washington test to decrease his $25,000 salary, yet congress would not permit him.



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Trump was not the first president to donate his salary, yet he to be the first since john F. Kenedy did. Both Kennedy and Herbert Hoover donated their wages to charitable causes.

In 2017 trump announced his first donation to the national Park organization of $78,333. After that, Trump do his notice public for every other donation till he fight his last six months.

Trump's White home never said where or if the donated the critical $220,000 he made if president. Even six month after he has left office, the details is still no known.

The donations were pointed out by Trump regularly at the White House and also during his campaign.

"It's a many money. Whether you're wealthy or not, it's a the majority of money. And I go it, and nobody cared. No one — nobody said, 'Thank you.' nobody said, 'Thank you really much,'" Trump said in march 2020.



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There to be 13 full donations made of $100,000 come eight different Cabinet departments. The last donation that deserve to be evidenced was top top July 23, 2020, according to the Post.

The money was given to the Park organization again, "to support its initiatives in repairing and also restoring our nationwide monuments," a letter to Trump's attorney Sheri Dillon sent the Park Service in addition to the inspect said.

Following that gift, there to be no public notice for other donations. That did, however, continue to talk about the vault donations and also his frustration that it to be not an ext often talked about.

"I'm the just president the did not accept a salary, which surprised me. It’s $450,000. The just reason I cite it is they never ever talk around it," trumped said during a campaign rally in Arizona in October 2020.

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He went on to say that "They never ever write about that. If I ever before didn't provide it up, there would be headlines, 'Trump refused.'"

The article contacted 15 significant federal departments, and none of them responded for comment. The publication acknowledged that this is not proof it was no done, but due to the ahead donations gift made public, the is a secret whether or not the last donation to be made.