While the purpose of thePizza Quixoteblog is finding destination pizza - pie the is worth the pilgrimage - us can"t ignore the popularity of the huge chain pizza makers. Previously, we ate and also reviewedPizza HutandPapa John"s. I haven"t hadDomino"spizza in much more than a decade, therefore it"s past time to give it a new evaluation.

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Crunchy thin Crust style. Click any type of image for complete size resolution.

We made decision a distribution deal of 2 "large" one-topping pizzas, through a 2-liter Coke, for $20.99.A Domino"s "large" is a smallish 14" pie. Domino"s offers five crust styles: Hand Tossed, Handmade Pan, Crunchy slim Crust, Brooklyn Style, and Gluten Free. This evaluation covers theCrunchy slim Crust pizza.

For the record, we uncovered the Brooklyn style to be better than Domino"s of the past, but all at once a disappointment and also surely not worth the calories. View the full review HERE. Happily, the Crunchy slim Crust pie was significantly better.

This pizza sported the "party cut" which succumbed 16 tiny square slices. Instantly, that reminded me of part the the thin crust midwestern pies I"ve had, such together the standouts at Rubino"s
in Columbus, OHand Chicago"s Vito & Nick"s.

Here, the crust was a bit an ext flaky and crackerlike 보다 those wonderfulmidwestern pies I"ve had, and also an ext greasy. Yet it had actually a pretty rigidity, a to solve crunch, and also even a touch the flavor.
Underside of the crust
This pie was allegedly topped v salami, however whatever small amount of cured meat existing was buried in the sauce (scant) and also cheese (meaningful amount). The cheese was an adequate duty player. Smartly, the sauce was limited so the it would not rotate the slim crust into soggy cardboard. However, that also deprived the pie the a well-off tomato flavor.

This pie surprised ~ above the upside. Still, it was so thin the a regular adult could easily eat this entire "large" pizza. No a an excellent value, also for $10. It"s probably much better served together a snack, for this reason the party reduced was appropriate.The tardy earns a 6, the cheese a 5, the sauce a 4. Overall, this pie come in in ~ a 5 and also it was much better than a frozen pizza, i beg your pardon is an achievement for huge chain pizza. Domino"s is quiet in critical place among the big three nationwide chain pizzas.

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