Dolly Parton has been married to she mysterious husband, Carl Dean, because that the majority of she life. Here’s how the Queen of country met her long-time love, their marriage story, and why their vow regeneration at 50 years to be so special.

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Dolly Parton, 1988 | Ron Davis/Getty Images

How Dolly Parton met Carl Dean

Parton met Dean ~ above her an initial day in Nashville. She left her home in the mountains of east Tennessee so quickly that she didn’t have actually time to do laundry. So when she landed on her uncle’s ar (where she was staying), the an initial thing she did was head come the laundromat. Together her clothing were spinning, she decided to take it a to walk outside. In the street, she saw a handsome man in a white Chevrolet. That male was Carl Dean. The asked her out yet she wasn’t for this reason sure. She’d simply met him, after all. Therefore Parton said Dean he could babysit through her the complying with afternoon. The agreed and also they had actually a nice time together. There, that asked her out again and also she said yes. For their very an initial date, Dean introduced Parton come his mother. It to be then the “Light that a clean Blue Morning” singer realized she was in the company of among the good ones.

When Dolly Parton married Carl Dean

Parton and Dean acquired married in 1996 after two years of dating. Today, they’ve to be married for 55 years. They overcome state lines come wed in secret. Why? since Parton’s record label told her that obtaining married would destroy her career.

Dolly Parton through her husband, Carl Dean, 1966. Although Parton walk not use Dean's castle professionally, she passport states "Dolly Parton Dean" and that she sometimes uses Dean when signing contracts.They've been married now for 53 years.

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“Everyone in ~ my label — Monument Records and also Fred Foster — had invested money in me and also in building my career, therefore they request me if I’d wait a year to obtain married,” Parton told CMT. “And i didn’t desire to not do what ns was supposed to do. Carl’s mommy was just heartbroken.”

So castle eloped come a Baptist church in Georgia. They to be worried the if they gained married in Tennessee, the local documents would report top top it. Just Parton’s mommy was in attendance.

Dolly and Carl renewed their vows at 50 years

Parton didn’t obtain the wedding she important wanted with Dean back in 1966. However the couple did have actually a beautiful celebration as soon as they renewed their vows in ~ the 50-year mark.

“How many civilization can to speak they’ve to be married 50 years? We’ve made the this long, we should do the again,” Parton told Rolling Stone days before the anniversary in 2016. “I’ve always wanted a big beautiful dress, the entirety thing.”

This time around, she gained the whole thing.

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Dolly Parton celebrates she 50th anniversary through Carl Dean, reminds us love is real:

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The Queen of country has often called Dean the love of her life. There is no hesitation, she’s prepared for “the following 50 years.”

“If I had actually it to carry out all over, I’d execute it almost everywhere again, and also we did,” she said. “I’m dragging the kicking and also screaming right into the following 50 years. Wish united state luck.”