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Located right on the edge of Paradise only is Mickey’s funny Wheel, one of the many distinctive attractions on paradise Pier.

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Mickey’s fun Wheel might look favor an simple Ferris wheel, but it’s not. Together the 150′ wheel turns, the enclosed gondolas revolve with it. If the dare on the external (those through Mickey’s face) space stationary, the within Donald, Goofy, and Minnie cars hang on an interior track, and they relocate in and also out and swing together the wheel turns.

There’s no Fastpass for this attraction, and also the queue is totally outdoors. There room two lines – one because that the stationary (Mickey) cars, and the other for the swinging cars. The gondolas host up to 6 people, three on each side.

The loading area can load 3 cars in ~ a time – two swinging cars and also one stationary car. Riders gain to go around the wheel double – it takes one revolution of the wheel (eight stops) to obtain all the dare loaded/unloaded, and also then the wheel provides one complete revolution without stopping. Climate the stop-and-go starts again as the cars space unloaded/loaded with the next set of passengers.

The gondolas are completely enclosed and also there is no method to autumn out, nor also to lose little items. There’s wonderful view of DCA, Disneyland and the surrounding area, despite the wire mesh makes it difficult to take it pictures.


This drive is no recommended for those that are afraid of heights. Those at risk to motion sickness can want to take into consideration riding the stationary dare only. And it deserve to be a little of a shock as soon as the auto starts sliding toward the exterior of the wheel and swinging back and forth.

The finish load/unload bike takes about 15 minutes. There will certainly be a full of 8 stops – relying on your place in the load cycle, you can have 4 stops before the complete revolution and 4 after, or you can get on and also immediately do one revolution, then experience 8 stops.

This is a slow-loading attraction, and it’s finest to ride at an early stage in the day. As soon as the heat is lengthy it have the right to overflow the queue and spill out into the paradise Pier area.

There is no elevation requirement.

Wheelchairs and ECVs go into the attraction with the continual queue then transfer right into the car.

Restrooms are located behind King Triton’s Carousel.


This attraction can be fun because that the whole family, yet those through younger kids or those who might be bothered through the motion can want to choose the stationary cars.


Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta – pizza, pasta and salads

Restaurants in ~ A GlanceMenus indigenous the Disneyland Resort


Man Hat’n’Beach – Swimwear, hats, coast towels and other seaside accessories.

Point Mugu Tattoo – paradise Pier-themed merchandise, t-shirts, and souvenirs.

Sideshow Shirts – T-shirts, casual beachwear, toys and also souvenirs.

Shopping at a Glance


Mickey’s funny Wheel is modeled ~ Coney Island’s Wonder Wheel which opened in 1920.

This attraction was originally well-known as the Sun Wheel and featured a golden sun challenge in the center. As part of the DCA development project it was re-themed come Mickey’s fun Wheel, and opened in May, 2009.

On Mickey’s face, notification his eyes – they are the “pie-eyes” that the at an early stage Mickey computer mouse cartoons.

Part the the loading area is actually below the water level of heaven Bay.

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