DirecTV now is a subscription-based streaming business owned by in ~ & T services. The application permits the streaming that cable TV contents to the United says subscribers without any type of long term commitment. The DirecTV Now enables you to watch movies and also on-demand videos as well. The is obtainable as an app and as a internet portal together well. If you have a Chromecast device, climate you can actors DirecTV now to your TV and also start watching her favourite videos top top a enlarge screen. Allow us comment on on how to Chromecast DirecTV currently to TV.

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How come Chromecast DirecTV now to TV?

There are two methods actors DirecTV Now application to her TV.

Cast DirecTV Now app from Mobile to TVCast DirecTV currently using Chrome internet browser to TV (Using desktop computer or Laptop)

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How to cast DirecTV now from Mobile to TV?

Requirements:ChromecastPhone/Tablet v Google home appStable WiFi connectivityA TV v HDMI portMethod:

1: download the “DirecTV Now” application on your phone/tablet.

2: affix Google Chromecast come the HDMI harbor of her TV.


8: click the “Sources” button and choose “Cast Tab” button.

9: Now click on the device name to actors the certain tab to your TV.

You deserve to play video on the tab which will certainly be perceived on your TV. If the video clip is gaining cast, you can use your desktop computer for other purposes which will not interfere with the video.

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Thus, through following any kind of one of the over two methods, girlfriend can actors DirecTV Now video clip content come the TV. The DirecTV Now has plenty that inbuilt features and also this app is one of the Chromecast compatible apps. Hence, you deserve to easily cast the applications to the TV utilizing the device.

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