In a recent interview top top Sirius XM Radio, former Bulls and also current Pistons suggest guard Derrick Rose disputed how winning a championship is tho his ultimate goal before his career is every said and also done. 

"While I"m in the game...I wanna win a championship that"s what ns really wanna do.

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"I acquired all the accolades that ns wanted, currently it"s time for me come really gain the one that i really, yes, really want."

Rose signed a two-year, $15 million attend to Detroit this offseason, fresh off of a fertile 2018-19 season in which he average 18.0 points, 2.7 rebounds and 4.3 assists every game. The 51 gamings Rose played critical season were the most games he has appeared in due to the fact that his lone year v the Knicks in the 2016-17 season.

A healthy and also motivated increased will be hoping to aid the Pistons do back-to-back come trips to the postseason, a solid possibility in a new-look eastern Conference.

Last season was Dwane Casey"s an initial as head coach in Detroit and also Rose will include a solid scoring existence to the Pistons backcourt, which averaged a linked 24.3 clues per video game in "18-"19 in between starter Reggie Jackson and also backup Ish Smith.

With smith having due to the fact that departed come the Washington Wizards, climbed will likely slide right into the sixth man spot because that the Pistons and he sincerely believes lock have sufficient to do a operation in eastern Conference.

"With Detroit, i feel prefer we have a great chance v being in the East. We have actually two great bigs, a an excellent team, you never know."

Derrick climbed on the Pistons 2020 championship odds:"With Detroit ns feel prefer we have actually a an excellent chance through being in the east. We have actually two an excellent bigs, a great team, you never ever know." pic.twitter.com/7Nf0WrbOTF

— Basketball Forever (
Bballforeverfb) September 6, 2019

NBA Twitter as a whole was blended on Rose"s statement, as there is quiet a ton of belief in Rose"s capability but it is pretty hard to wrap her head approximately the Pistons winning a title after obtaining swept out of the playoffs in the very first round last season. The the next Rose ever before got come winning an NBA Championship remained in his MVP season in 2010-11, as soon as the Bulls shed in 5 games to the LeBron James-led Miami Heat.

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Several injuries and several groups later, countless people believe the idea of climbed as a championship-level player is done, however don"t tell that to Derrick Rose.