Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 freshly brought ago Patrick Dempsey together Dr. Derek Shepherd. Return Derek died in season 11, he reunited with his wife, Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), top top what fans explain as a “death beach.” when on the beach, Meredith is fighting for she life after being diagnosed with COVID-19. In 2015, Dempsey left Grey’s. The Enchanted star offered an within look ~ above his last day ~ above the show’s set.

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ alum Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd|Kelsey McNeal/Walt Disney television via Getty Images

What episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ go Derek (Patrick Dempsey) die?

Dempsey joined Grey’s Anatomy in season one. Once the present premiered in 2005, pan met Dr. Derek Shepherd as Meredith’s one-night stand-turned-boss. As the first season progressed, viewers learned the McDreamy was married come Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) prior to he met Meredith. However, he ultimately decided Meredith after being in the center of a love triangle in season 2.

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Despite their messy start, Meredith and Derek got married in season 5. The pair wrote vow on a Post-It keep in mind to confirm their nuptials. Transparent the marriage, the doctors had actually three children- Zola, Bailey, and also Ellis. 

During season 11 of Grey’s, Dempsey was noticeably missing from 6 of 24 episodes. Ultimately, Shonda Rhimes announced the Dempsey would no longer be ~ above the show. After nearly a decade in the clinical drama, Derek passed away in Season 11, illustration 21, “How to conserve a Life.”

“I never ever imagined speak goodbye to our ‘McDreamy,”’ Rhimes created in a statement come EW. “Then again, no one of us right here at Grey’s Anatomy imagined any type of of the plenty of journeys this present has taken united state on. Now, Meredith and I are around to enter uncharted territory as us head into this new chapter of she life.”

Derek gibbs Patrick Dempsey had a ‘very quiet’ last day as a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ series regular

Although some fans suspected the Derek to be leaving Grey’s Anatomy, his death in season 11 to be something numerous viewers didn’t view coming. In the episode, Derek manages to conserve several stays after the was connected in a automobile crash. After ~ ensuring the they made it to the hospital safely, the neurosurgeon’s car got fight by an incoming tow truck. Derek to be then rushed come a hospital miles far from Grey Sloan Memorial. Because of the doctors’ decision no to acquire a CT scan, Derek died of mind damage.

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While Meredith’s husband’s death shocked lot of fans, Dempsey said shooting Derek’s last scenes to be uneventful. The Can’t purchase Me Love star stated in the exact same EW interview that his critical day at work wasn’t much various from “just another work day” on the Grey’s set. 

“It was very quiet,” Dempsey stated of his exit

“It was very poetic,” the actor continued. “I gained in my car, gained in rush-hour traffic, and also two hrs later, i was home.”

Why the ‘Grey’s’ alum claimed working top top the display is ‘challenging’

When Dempsey left Grey’s Anatomy, pan of the display mourned his character. Numerous supporters no think the present would last long without the Meredith and Derek love story. In 2020, Pompeo admitted that she felt like she essential to prove come Grey’s watchers that the collection could thrive despite McDreamy’s exit. The display has currently been on for six extr seasons because Derek’s death.

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In 2015, Dempsey opened up about why he determined to leaving Grey’s. The actor said the show’s “challenging” hours regularly kept him far from his wife, Jillian Fink, and their three children. He also noted that leaving the alphabet drama allowed him to emphasis on other films and his racing career. ~ Grey’s, he showed up in The Limit for SundanceTV. 

“I’m focusing now ~ above developing and racing and being a father to mine children,” Dempsey said. “Those room my priorities.” together for acting, “I would certainly commit to a present that is 10 come 12 episodes, but 24 again…I don’t know if i would execute that. It’s a very hard life. It’s financially rewarding, however there come the point where, how much is enough, really?”