The Sports portrayed model and wife of the Yankees star talks around their everyday family life v Editorialist Magazine

Gilles Bensimon/ Courtesy of Editorialist

Hannah Jeter available a rarely glimpse right into her personal life v Derek Jeter and also their 2 daughters because that the 2019 Holiday issue of Editorialist Magazine.

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Like plenty of people, the couple's kids, Bella (2) and also Story (9 months), have actually seen the previous Yankees player top top TV.

"They view their dad clock SportsCenter and also all that," the sheathe star (née Hannah Davis) said.

However, the 29-year-old design isn't big on screen time.

"We've sort of taken technology out of it," she explained. "I grew up in a small community, my mother was a teacher, we had actually lots the arts and also crafts walk on. Ns think ns raise my children just just how my mother raised me—being outside with nature and also animals, trying no to be so on height of them, offering them safe places to explore and use their imagination. I really worth that."

In fact, the Sports Illustrated star said she makes runs come Michaels craft stores "like, twice a week."

"Most days my husband come home and he's like, 'Holy crap'—because I'm covered in paint or glue," she said. "I to be literally painting a birdhouse yesterday."

To be clear, the Jeters don't judge other parents because that their views ~ above kids' screen time.

 "I think you do what functions for you," she said. "But for us? These room the things that are crucial to me." 

Another point that's essential to Hannah? having actually Derek and also the girls learn to speak Spanish.

"Miami is ours home, and also it's certainly a place where you must speak Spanish," she said. "My daughter speak me once I choose her increase from institution that she's going to a casa." 

Hannah and Derek tied the node in 2016 and welcomed their very first child in 2017. Lock then invited their second little one in 2019. Hannah said this family-focused chapter has been "the most transformative of mine life."

"I'm so deeply connected and attached to , ns don't choose to leaving them," she told the magazine at one point. "My husband gets mad in ~ me, since he desires to go on holidays sometimes, and I'm like, great! Let's take it the kids!"

Still, life life in the spotlight hasn't to be easy.

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"It has actually never felt herbal to me," she claimed in regards to posting on society media. "I know it's vital in my industry, and also I absolutely need to when it's component of a contract. But a many people article their children and husbands, and also for me that will never ever be the case. Both my husband and also I have been in a ar in our careers wherein we need to share so much. And also we can handle it. Yet when you love something therefore much, you want to safeguard it more than something in the world. And for me, that's mine relationship, that's my kids."

To review the complete interview, check out the 2019 Holiday worry of Editorialist Magazine.