Dancing with the Stars referee Derek Hough has ultimately addressed the factors he has not however proposed marital relationship to longtime girlfriend and fellow dancer Hayley Erbert. Hough took to Instagram, wherein he revealed that although he loved Erbert, one mrs stood in between them. That is the mrs who caught Hough’s love at the period of simply 16 years old, has actually not however let go and led the to expose “I’m already married.”


Hayley Erbert and Derek Hough | Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert have actually dated for 6 years

Hough and Erbert have actually dated for the previous six years.

She to be a dancer because that Hough and his sister Julianne’s 2014 Move Live Tour. On the tour, Erbert was viewed by a Dancing v the Stars producer who actors her as component of the show’s dance troupe. Just one year later, Erbert and also Hough came to be romantically involved.

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Hough left the series in 2016 ~ winning six mirrorball trophies. In 2019, Erbert announced that she would certainly not return to the series after 7 seasons, 4 tours, and also a role as a mentor ~ above DWTS Juniors.

The couple lives together in California with their rescue dogs and also cats. They many recently showed up together for the Oct. 25 themed episode of Dancing through the Stars titled “Horror Night,” where they performed a Tango.

Who is Derek Hough ‘married’ to?

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The Dancing v the Stars judge continues to be an open book on social media. He consistently responds to fan questions regarding his upcoming projects and also to those who want to know more about his partnership with Erbert.

In a September 2021 Instagram post, Hough common a video captured throughout the television show Lip Sync Battle whereby he go up against Pussycat Dolls’ singer and also dancer Nicole Scherzinger. He declared his love for and “married” Shania twain on the social media site.

“People save asking me when I’m gonna suggest to Hayley Erbert, however the truth is I’m already married. To Shania Twain. Yep! and also I’ve to be trying to get ahold of she to sign documents for a while now. Ns really believed she to be the one yet you recognize things change, world change. For this reason if you view this ‘Shan Shan,’ you re welcome return my calls. Also though the didn’t job-related out, I’ll always hold a special ar for girlfriend in mine heart,” he joked.

The minute Derek Hough ‘married’ Shania Twain

During the illustration of Lip Sync Battle, Hough stated to the audience, “I’m so happy there are so many human being here tonight to witness mine 16-year-old fantasy come true.”

He turned to special guest Shania Twain and also said, “I love you.”

Hough ordered Twain and also led she to the center of the phase as the lip-synched her 1997 smash track “From this Moment.”

At the finish of your performance, he claimed, “I’m no gonna lie. Ns have had a crush on Shania due to the fact that the beginning of time.”

Twain’s comment by saying the the moment was “romantic” and also that Hough “had a couple of moves top top his side” when it involved women.

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Dancing v the Stars airs Mondays in ~ 8 p.m. EST ~ above ABC.

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