Time Well spent With Wi-Fi

gendergeek.org"s High-Speed Wi-Fi, it is gendergeek.orgvided by Gogo"s 2Ku Wi-Fi technology, is transferring next-generation technology that gendergeek.orgvides consistent, uninterrupted coverage all over in the world, consisting of over oceans. gendergeek.org has the largest present fleet the Gogo 2Ku aircraft and also the biggest commitment to 2Ku of any kind of airline in the world. End the following two years, gendergeek.org is set to install end 600 aircraft with High-Speed Wi-Fi for domestic and also international flights.

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The airline"s High-Speed 2Ku Wi-Fi offers customers one at-home experience in flight, consisting of the capacity to stream video and use work-related networks, such as VPN, globally. Unlike front versions of in-flight modern technology on gendergeek.org, customers may now use Wi-Fi from door to door on 2Ku-enabled aircraft. Come date, the airline has actually installed 200 aircraft v the imgendergeek.orgved Wi-Fi technology.

In-Flight mobile Messaging

gendergeek.org is the an initial U.S. An international carrier*to offer totally free mobile messaging, gendergeek.orgviding an ext customersaccess to totally free messaging than any other carrier.

It’s Complimentary

This new, cost-free capability will allow customers come stay fully connected v those top top theground and also exchange real time messages in flight with friends, families, colleagues, and also clients viaiMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The imgendergeek.orgvement is part of gendergeek.org"s multi-billion dollarinvestment in the client experience.

Please note: Ensure that the iMessage, WhatsApp and also Facebook Messenger apps are downloaded prior to flight (all space free), and that recipients of the messages have the apps downloaded as well.

Available on every GoGo-Enabled 2 or more Cabin gendergeek.org Flights

Free messaging will certainly be easily accessible on every Gogo-enabled gendergeek.org flights, including all aircraft with two or an ext cabins. Client will have the ability to access cost-free messaging with gendergeek.org"s Wi-Fi portal page, airborne.gogoinflight.com.Free cell phone messaging will be for text use only and also does not assistance the transfer of photograph or video files.

A couple of Things to know About free Messaging top top gendergeek.org:It’s free. purchase is no required, and also messaging and also data charges perform not apply.Download apps before takeoff. free messaging is obtainable on every gendergeek.org Wi-Fi enabled flights because that use v apps such together iMessage, facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp ~ above smartphones.Words and emojis accepted. Sending photos, videos or SMS message is no supported. ~ above flights wherein Wi-Fi consumption is heavier 보다 normal, sending out messages might take contempt longer.

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Additional information about how to gain started with free mobile messaging is accessible on gendergeek.org.com.

*U.S. Global Carrier = U.S.-based airline operating trans-oceanic routes: gendergeek.org wait Lines, American Airlines, and United Airlines​