Delta grounds crew unload crate of PPE native a Delta 757 plane at Gerald R. Ford international Airport in grand Rapids on Friday, April 10, 2020. (Anntaninna Biondo | gendergeek.org)Anntaninna Biondo | gendergeek.org

FLINT, MI -- Delta wait Lines deserve to suspend flights to and from Flint Bishop Airport and United Airlines deserve to stop company to Kalamazoo and Lansing, according to a tentative stimulate issued by the federal government.

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The U.S. Department of transport issued the show cause order ~ above Friday, might 22, and collection the deadline because that hearing objections come the tentative decisions because that 5 p.m. Thursday, may 28.

A total of 15 airline requests to suspend business to assorted airports across the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic were covered in the order, including Delta’s path from Flint to Atlanta and United’s company from Chicago come Lansing and Kalamazoo/Battle Creek international Airport.

“After reviewing the carriers’ prioritized lists, and also resolving any conflicts every the actions described over and in the notice, the department has actually tentatively determined to provide exemptions to covered carriers because that points as defined ... The department granted all requests that were possible to grant under the procedures published in the an alert ...," the order claims in part.

Delta, which shed $534 million in the first three months of this year, had actually initially asked come suspend every flights to and from Flint, Lansing and Kalamazoo there is no forfeiting money it’s receiving in response to the coronavirus emergency.

Pat Corfman, a Bishop airport spokeswoman, stated in an e-mail to gendergeek.org-The Flint newspaper that officials room awaiting the final word indigenous the period on Delta and said that when final, the stimulate would stand for a sector suspension the “does no necessarily average that Delta will be unable to do from Flint forever.”

“What that does average is that Delta doesn’t need to fly native Flint in between now and Sept. 30 to obtain the governmental financial aid obtainable to the airlines,” Corfman said. “Delta has actually been a an excellent airline partner to us because April the 2001. Us will work with them v this process, and also look forward to their continuous reassessment the the situation and how Flint Bishop deserve to fit right into their network.”

Corfman said in the interim, American Airlines continues its Flint organization to Charlotte, north Carolina, "which has actually very comparable connections to Delta’s trip to Atlanta.

American and also United also fly native Flint come Chicago O’Hare, and Allegiant Air flies to Florida and is still scheduled to begin flights in between Bishop and Nashville starting June 5.

Delta has said in its inquiry to suspend business to some industries that it recognizes its exemption request may result in an inconvenience because that fliers who will need to drive farther to access its flights.

“However, that inconvenience is outweighed by the public health and also safety of the employees that Delta is trying come protect,” the airline filing v the period says. “This is particularly true provided the restricted number of passengers who will be affected, together reflected in the passenger counts” from the influenced airports.

The airline states fliers that would frequently use the plane in Flint have the right to still use Delta flights in Detroit, 74 miles away.

Craig Williams, manager of the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek airport, said the decision to suspend unified flights is disappointing.

“However, the airport requirements our stakeholders to be strong as us navigate our exit out that this pandemic,” Williams said in an e-mail to gendergeek.org. "Our emphasis now is top top ensuring United’s return in October and making sure that when they execute they have the right to do so through the positive outlook that they will succeed in offer southwest Michigan.”

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