Social media has bridged a previous gap in between celebrities and fans, regularly connecting them straight to their own phones and in droves. The selection is often up come the talent, with significant actors consisting of Scarlett Johansson, George Clooney, Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart and also Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe having continued to walk without it. And also considering the nature of internet comments, who can blame them?

In the case of Daniel Radcliffe, the 31-year-old actor is pretty much universally loved and unproblematic, and that’s seriously outstanding considering the questionable reputation quite common amongst child actors. If he provided social media a try, he’d probably be welcomed with some funny Harry Potter memes along with becoming component of the fandom’s discourse. Here’s why the actor made decision not come hit download ~ above platforms like Twitter and Instagram:

I would certainly love to say there"s some incredibly thought out intellectual reason because that this, since I thought about getting a Twitter at one point and i 100 percent know that if ns did you would all be waking up to stories the "Dan Radcliffe gets into a fight v random human on Twitter’.

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Well that’s fair. It’s a daily struggle for countless to no partake in web battles, and also if you’ve ever before hit the tweet button in a right of rage or watched who you"re adhering to take the swing, you probably recognize it’s just about never worth it. Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t think he’d have actually the stamin to restrain himself on the public platform, and also therefore is keeping his distance. It’s a hilarious solution to the “why don’t you have social media?’ question, however honestly a precious one. Radcliffe talked around it top top an episode of Hot Ones, and expanded top top his thoughts v this point:

When ns was younger, no anymore give thanks to God, I used to look up comments about myself ~ above the internet and would read shit like that. That is an insane and also bad point to do and also to me Twitter and also everything simply sort of feels favor an extension of that. Uneven I to be going to go on and read nice things about myself, which additionally feels like an additional kind that unhealthy point to do. Various other than that, ns don’t honestly feel prefer I’m mentally strong enough however right now, I’m kind of alright v that.

This is interesting. Reportedly in Daniel Radcliffe’s younger years, he would certainly look self up all the moment to see what the consensus was around him. I"m pretty certain if ns was renowned that young, I would certainly have developed the exact same rotten habit. It’s much simpler to permit the net soak you up as a kid, but due to the fact that then, Radcliffe is happy come say that no much longer looks self up and also doesn"t usage social media at all. It sounds choose he has actually a good perspective ~ above what he demands to store his mental health in check and also prevent his ego native blowing up like a balloon either.

Thankfully, Daniel Radcliffe keeps self busy enough for us to view him much more often than not. While eating warm wings with Sean Evans, the actor had a crazy story about the chimpanzees on collection of Harry Potter and also talked about all the wands that apparently broke on set. The actor’s many recent movie is Escape native Pretoria, the true story of a jail break that also stars Daniel Webber. We’ll save you to update on concerning what’s following for the Harry Potter icon, specifically considering his society media won"t.

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