On Thursday, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Announced the bear of his second daughter through wife Amy Earnhardt.Jared C. Tilton / Getty Images
On Thursday, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Announced the bear of his 2nd daughter through wife Amy Earnhardt.

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"Me and also Amy have been waiting on the birth of our 2nd child and also that taken place Monday," he mutual on his podcast, the Dale Jr. Download, in an illustration titled, "She"s Here!"

"We got a new addition," the 46-year-old NASCAR star beamed. "Happens every the time... Anywhere the country, almost everywhere the world. Feels a small weird to obtain congratulated but it feels pretty awesome. Amy had actually a pretty an excellent pregnancy. She claimed it felt favor a lengthy one only since of the COVID and all that."

"But we"re not gonna complain due to the fact that we got a healthy baby girl."

Earnhardt stated his child daughter"s name is Nicole Lorraine. She takes the center name native Amy (Nicole) and also the middle name native Earnhardt’s mother, Brenda (Lorraine).

"It"s funny just how you select the name," that said. "All those things room so fun, but the name part to me is the most jovial component of the entirety process."

The pair are already proud parents to 2-year-old daughter Isla Rose. Earnhardt also shared on his podcast Isla’s reaction to conference her little sister.

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"We were just worried the she to be going to have this sort of denial at first because when we make the efforts to speak to Isla about the baby as soon as she was within Amy"s belly, Isla would overlook it and also turn her back and play through her toys and really didn"t want to have a conversation about it," that shared.

Her reaction once they met because that the first time? Dad said she knelt down next to her bassinet and also squealed, "Awww, she"s therefore cute! can I rock her?"

"It was a great moment, and Amy damaged down," he described. "Amy go aways speak to herself, "I am so mad at myself because that doubting my daughter, Isla, and her reaction come this. I have to have offered her more credit.""

Earnhardt hasn"t shared any kind of photos yet, yet said top top his podcast that baby Nicole Lorraine look at a lot choose dad. “With Nicole… ns look at her and I see so lot of myself,” the shared. “It’s choose looking at a mirror as soon as I look in ~ her. It"s crazy. Now that may adjust in 24 hours yet I typical as soon as I experienced her ns thought, "Oh my God, she is a infant me. It"s prefer looking in ~ my infant self.""

He later on added, “It’s been an awesome mainly of bliss and ignorance and living in ours own tiny world."


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