Dale Earnhardt Jr."s mam Amy revealed her pregnancy news in March, sharing a sweet clip that the moment she told she husband the news


The NASCAR driver, 46, and also his wife Amy invited a baby girl on Monday, Oct. 12, that revealed on his podcast The Dale Jr. Download on Thursday. "Many human being are wonder why this episode of the Download is so late this week. Well there's a good reason," that teased top top Instagram, directing pan to hear to the illustration for details.

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"We gained a new addition," Earnhardt Jr. Proudly said on the podcast. "... It is awesome. Amy had a pretty good pregnancy, and also she stated it felt prefer it was a lengthy one due to the fact that of COVID and all that, yet we ain't gonna complain since we acquired a healthy small baby girl."

Earnhardt Jr. Revealed that his new daughter is named Nicole Lorraine, Nicole coming from Amy's middle name and Lorraine from his mom's middle name.

The dad claimed they've had a "smooth" transition since comes home, adding that Nicole to be "extremely quiet" her very first day ~ above the planet. "It's walk great," the said.

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Amy, 38, announced her pregnant on Instagram through the aid of daughter Isla — who couldn't have been more over the moon around the news that she would shortly be getting a infant sibling.

"I'm gonna it is in a sister!" the toddler adorably proclaimed in a video Amy post on in march 18, throwing she hands in the waiting in excitement.

Amy complied with up v a clip that the minute she told her husband the an excellent news, mirroring him reacting to seeing Isla wearing a shirts saying, "Super amazing Sister." The article led the race-car driver to hilariously respond, "What?! how do you recognize it's a girl?!"

"She's the sister one of two gendergeek.org way!" Amy said Earnhardt Jr. Of Isla, if the pair laughed and also the second-time dad-to-be said of his wife's pregnancy, smiling, "Really?! oh my God! This is a joke!"

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Earnhardt Jr. Was chosen into the NASCAR hall of call in June after ~ earning 76 percent of all votes actors on the organization's modern Era ballot, according to ESPN. Throughout his career, he has won 26 races, consisting of two Daytona 500s. He retirement from full-time racing in 2017.

"Just talking about it, it's yes, really emotional because I feed off affirmation," Earnhardt Jr. — who now serves as an analyst for NBC — told the outlet ~ receiving the news.

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"It's such a good feeling to know human being think ns made one impact," he added. "I know what my number are, and also I feel prefer I was chosen due to the fact that of that, but additionally for the impact I made off the track, gift an ambassador because that the sport."

Earnhardt Jr. Will officially join his so late father, Dale Earnhardt Sr., in the room of call in 2021. Vehicle drivers Mike Stefanik, who passed away in a airplane crash at period 61 in 2019, and Red Farmer (voted in top top the Pioneer ballot) will additionally be inducted following year.

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