I"m obsessed v cookie dough Blizzards native Dairy Queen. The creamy ice cream cream and the sweet crunch that cookie dough holds the vital to my heart. Sadly, however, a large cup that this very delicious concoction is 1340 calories. Numerous other dairy products Queen desserts ridge up likewise to this blizzard in regards to nutrition.

Since I desire my pant dimension to remain the same, i searched for healthy and balanced Dairy Queen menu items—a combination of the lowest calorie, fat, and also sugar content. Here are part "healthier" alternatives that will keep any type of sweet tooth satisfied there is no going overboard on calorie or sugar. 

#SpoonTip: every caloric details was pulled from dairy products Queen"s nutrition guide. 

Chocolate Sundae


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A creamy pool of warm fudge complements the refreshing vanilla soft serve perfectly. This treat has only 300 calories in a tiny serving size. While the number might seem high, it"s still less than fifty percent the calories in most small Blizzards ~ above the menu. This is absolutely a healthy Dairy Queen food selection item, all points considered.

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Imagine a Klondike bar ~ above a stick, yet with just 220 calories every bar. Due to the fact that this bar come in just one size, it"s easy to limit yourself to simply one serving. 

#SpoonTip: dairy products Queen sells several prepackaged bars. The Vanilla Orange Bar and also Fudge Bar room both sugar- and also fat-free. 

Light Smoothies

Searching because that something fruity and refreshing? instead of the sugary, calorie-laden Lemonade Chillers or Arctic Rushes, order a irradiate smoothie. The consistent smoothies contain much more sugar 보다 Blizzards. The Sunshine Orange irradiate smoothie contains just 140 calories and also some Vitamin C. Go I cite the light smoothies are all fat-free? Score.

Soft serve Sprinkle Cone

Ah, the standard vanilla cone through sprinkles. Dairy products Queen"s soft soft serve contains 5 percent butterfat, for this reason you"ll taste the richness, however a kid-sized cone includes a mere 170 calories. Add some texture (and aesthetic) by questioning for sprinkles. Bonus: The enhancement of sprinkles won"t substantially increase calories or fat content. 

Grilled Chicken BLT Salad

In the mood for something savory? This Grilled Chicken BLT Salad has actually both cheese and also bacon on it, but has a healthy grilled chicken and a lettuce base. This salad package in 35g that protein for just 270 calories. Yes, that means you still have actually room for dessert. 

Dieting and also enjoying part Dairy Queen are certainly not mutually exclusive. Dairy Queen also offers supplement boosts like antioxidants, protein, and also Vitamin C to replace your post-workout shake v a milkshake (shh, ns won"t tell). However really, go ahead and treat yourself through these healthy and balanced Dairy Queen items. 

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