So you have actually a bunch that VHS or other tapes that you’d choose transferred to DVD or digital format but aren’t sure of the cost? You room smart to inspection the cost due to the fact that it deserve to be confusing, and also if you select the wrong organization it could cost you a bundle!

The expense to move VHS come DVD or digital is $30.87 ~ above average based on a 2 hour video clip tape. In-store drop-off locations compared to shipping-only services cost around the same, yet shipping-only solutions offer much more frequent deals approximately %70 off sleeve dropping the price as low together $11.69 a tape.

Prices vary by carry service, as well as the transfer choices besides DVD such as USB and also digital downloads from the cloud. For this reason you require to choose which services is walking to satisfy your needs and also budget.

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The pricing chart below of the top video transfer solutions is based on a 2-hour video transfer native standard video clip tape (VHS/Video8/MiniDV/etc). There space other layouts tapes can be transferred to you need to consider, the descriptions listed below in the article highlight every service.


Who converts VHS tapes to DVD or digital close to me (you)?

There space several well-known stores that convert VHS to DVD, and also any other kind of video clip tape favor Hi8, Video, Digital8, MiniDV and also more. Castle can additionally transfer slides, movie reels, and also even scan pictures for you.

Turns out many stores don’t carry out the deliver themselves, yet handle the order process for you. The tapes are usually packages and also shipped to one of the height 3 video transfer services.

Popular stores that transform VHS and also other video clip tape styles to DVD and digital room Costco, Walmart, Walgreens, and also CVS. These stores outsource the video transfer to among the many popular video transfer services. There are likewise independent transport services finest found by searching Google Maps for her area.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list the in-store and also online video clip transfers services including their pricing for you below.

Costco video clip Transfer

Costco offers video transfer services for club members that gives you the option of converting VHS to DVD, a USB thumb drive, or both.


The pricing and also transfer options outlined below is not simply for VHS, the is for all common video clip tape layouts including VHS, SHVS, Betamax, VHS-C, S-VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, and MiniDV.

Transfer come DVD

At Costco it prices $19.99 because that the first 2 hrs of video clip transfer come DVD, climate $19.99 because that each added 2 hours. Every hour of video will get transferred to a brand-new DVD disc.

Costco provides a range of themes because that the menus (such as baby, wedding, birthday), adding titles, and also auto-generated chapters to do playback much more enjoyable.

Transfer to USB

Video transfer to USB in ~ Costco will expense $24.99 for the very first 2 hrs of video, then $16.99 because that each added 2 hours. Every one of your video clip will acquire transferred to a solitary USB stick, over there is no time limit.

The benefit of moving to USB is the you can easily transfer these files to her computer and also upload them to society media sites because that sharing.

Transfer to DVD + USB

Transfer of video clip tape to both USB and also DVD in ~ Costco will expense $29.99 because that the first 2 hours and also $22.99 because that each extr hour. This choice is right for civilization that desire to watch their videos ~ above DVD but likewise want the videos stored on USB for basic transfer come a computer.

Costco Summary: Costco walk not carry out the actual video transfer, they have partnered v YesVideo.com i m sorry is a an extremely popular video clip transfer service. Costco will take care of the shipping and also order process for you, yet YesVideo.com provides some good prices and promotions that might be cheaper 보다 Costco.

Costco is among the most affordable drop-off locations yet you have to be a Costco member in order to use their services.

For an ext info top top Costco video clip transfer check out : https://www.costcodvd.com/

Walmart video Transfer

Walmart offers video transfer solutions either dropped off in the store or totally online wherein you get sent a crate to ship your tapes because that transfer. Sam’s Club likewise offers video transfer organization but in ~ a greater price 보다 Walmart.


Pricing at Walmart is a bit different from rather in the the key option readily available is for an digital copy of her video, with DVD disks and also USB drives as extr addons or upsells.

They also charge by the 1st 30 minutes vs a full 2 hour tape, which can save money if it’s a short video clip but possibly cost more if it’s a complete 2 hours long.

Transfer come Digital Download (the Cloud)

Walmart will carry your video to the cloud charging $15.96 for the very first 30 minutes of video clip transfer, and also $5.46 because that each additional 30 minutes. But if the tape does have actually a complete 2 hrs of video clip on it then it will cost you $32.34.

Your video clip will gain transferred come the cloud (basically a website the you deserve to privately access to view and also download your video clip from) at MemoryCloud and freely availabe for approximately 60 days.

The good thing around this is you deserve to share these web links with your friends and also family to check out the video clip once its transferred, no require to host a DVD party.

Transfer come DVD

At Walmart transferring video to DVD is one add-on $3.96 per disc to the basic price $15.96 for the an initial 30 minutes of video. A full 2 hour video tape would certainly come for a full of 36.30 plus your footage is save on computer on the cloud for straightforward sharing.

You can pick different themes and also styles for her DVD menus (like birthday, wedding, sports) to make them much more appealing.

Transfer come USB

At Walmart transferring video to a USB drive is an add-on $12.96 to the base price $15.96 for the very first 30 minutes of video. A full 2 hour video tape would certainly come because that a complete of $45.30, plus your footage is save on computer on the cloud for easy sharing. Over there is just a solitary charge because that the USB drive as there is no limit on the storage.

But due to the fact that transfer to your computer directly from the cloud this alternative is much less appealing uneven you want this as a back-up – i m sorry is always smart with precious memories .

Walmart Summary: Walmart does sell convenient in-person drop-off or online video clip transfer, yet Walmart doesn’t carry out the transfer themselves. They have actually partnered through YesVideo.com to manage the transfer.

YesVideo usually prices the very same as Walmart for this reason as no to compete directly with them, yet they also offer promotions as much as 70% off their regular price, i beg your pardon is a steep discount lowering the price of a 2 hour video clip tape down to roughly $10 therefore its worth checking out YesVideo before placing any type of orders v Walmart.

For complete details visit Walmart video clip Transfer here: https://www.dvdwalmart.com/

Walgreens video clip Transfer

Walgreens offers video clip transfer services through iMemories. You have the right to drop her tapes turn off at many Walgreens stores and also they will handle the process from there. You have the right to find an ext on your prices and also start her order here.

Walgreens can transfer any popular ice format, and also film reels, photos and slides through their service.


Transfer come Digital Download (the Cloud)

Walgreens dues $24.99 per video clip tape of moved to the cloud at iMemories. Any section of her tape that is empty will certainly be edited out from the last video.

You will have cost-free access come the video clip for 30 days at iMemories, which offers you plenty of time to download and also share her videos through friends and family.

Transfer come DVD

In addition to having your video in the cloud you can likewise transfer every 2 hrs of video clip to DVD because that $9.99, or Blu beam for $14.99.

Transfer come USB

Walgreens walk not market a deliver to USB option. But you can quickly buy your own USB drive and also download your video clip files native iMemories to your computer system or USB drive.

CVS video Transfer

CVS offers video transfer services through YesVideo. You deserve to drop your tapes off at most CVS stores and also they will manage the process from there. For an ext info ~ above the CVS transfer organization including pricing and beginning your stimulate onlie click here.

You deserve to transfer any type of popular tape format, and film reels, photos and also slides v their service.


Transfer to Digital Download (the Cloud)

CVS dues $25.99 per video tape of moved to the cloud at iMemories. Any section of your tape the is empty will certainly be edited out from the last video.

You will have complimentary access come the video for 30 days at iMemories, which offers you lot of of time come download and also share your videos through friends and also family.

Transfer come DVD

CVS dues $25.99 to transport your VHS or any video tape to DVD, and $25.99 because that each additional 2 hours. DVDs can have themes and auto chapters added.

Transfer to USB

CVS dues $34.99 to transport your VHS or any video clip tape come USB, and $9.99 to integrate a 2nd tape

Transfer come Digital Download (the Cloud)

Every video transfer come DVD or USB with CVS comes v a MemoryCloud account through YesVideo because that you to watch, share, and also download your videos. This account is cost-free for the an initial 60 days, and also a an excellent way come share her videos through others.

Local video Transfer

Depending on where you live there may be several local video clip transfer services that perform the actual move themselves and also don’t ship your tapes to another service.

If the thought of packaging increase your priceless memories only to obtain them lost or damaged scares the life daylights the end of you then you’re no alone. You may want to consider searching in Google Maps “Video transfer close to me”

Hopefully you check out some access time on the map prefer I did…


Going regional feels an excellent and helps the local economy, although there is always a possibility that any type of service loser a tape. Best to compose your name and phone number on each tape, or merely transfer her VHS come DVD yourself.

Video Transfer services Online

There space several video transfer services that most of the big box stores ship your tapes to as they don’t address the video clip transfer service themselves. Yet you have the right to usually gain a far much better deal by shipping the tapes as numerous of these services have deals and coupon codes if friend order directly from them.

YesVideo video Transfer

YesVideo is the transfer business that both Costco and Walmart outsource the video clip transfer occupational to, lock don’t do the move themselves. Therefore if you go to Costco and also Walmart for video clip transfer then its YesVideo the is law the really work.

If you use YesVideo straight they frequently offer discounts up to 70% turn off what you would pay normally. To add they deliver reel come reel film, pictures and more.

Transfer come DVD

YesVideo will move your VHS or any other video tape approximately 2 hrs to DVD because that the base price that $33.98 per tape. At the moment of creating YesVideo was giving a 70% off promo which drops the price under to $10.19 every tape.

Additional DVD duplicates will price you $4.99 every copy, a an excellent option if other family members would prefer a DVD for themselves.

This price additionally includes cloud transfer, so your video clip we available for friend to check out or download because that 60 days online. This is a great way to share video clip and ago the papers up to her computer. It likewise makes it easy to back up your video clip and photos to Google Photo.

Transfer come USB

YesVideo will deliver your VHS or any type of other video tape approximately 2 hrs to USB for the basic price of $38.98 per tape. At the time of writing YesVideo was giving a 70% off promo which drops the price under to $11.69 per tape. There is no time limit on the USB storage.

This price also includes very same cloud transfer business described above, an excellent for transporting to Google photos or ago up your files.

As long as the advancement deals are still roughly you have the right to save a great deal the money sending out your tapes straight to YesVideo vs utilizing Costco or Walmart.

LegacyBox video clip Transfer

LegacyBox is a popular transfer services that can handle every one of your needs no matter what kind of media you want to transfer.

They send friend the “LegacyBox” for you come pack and label whatever you want moved from video tapes, reel to reel film, slides, photos and also more. Likewise included is barcode stickers to put on her items to plainly identify them as yours.

Then you send the box to them for transfer, come back time is 6-8 weeks. And when done all of your initial tapes and other media will acquire sent ago you.


Transfer come DVD

The “base” package in ~ LegacyBox is for transferring 2 items, i m sorry in the situation of video clip tapes their regular price is $53.99 to move the video clip to digital format.

Then friend can select your return layout of digital download, DVD, or USB drive. In the instance of DVD it will certainly cost secondary $5.99.

If this sound pricey don’t worry, at the moment of creating LegacyBox readily available a 50% deal which would bring the full cost of moving 2 tapes to DVD to $38.98, or $19.49 every tape.

Transfer to USB.

Video deliver to USB in ~ LegacyBox will expense the very same as deliver to DVD or online download.

The early stage transfer price of 2 tapes (there’s a 2 article minimum at LegacyBox) is $53.99 climate $5.99 for the USB drive, however the frequent 50% off sale will lug this rice down to $38.98, or $19.49 every tape.

Transfer to Digital Download (the Cloud)

Video move to the cloud / digital download in ~ LegacyBox will expense the exact same as move to DVD or USB download.

The initial transfer expense of 2 tapes (there’s a 2 item minimum at LegacyBox) is $53.99 then $5.99 for the digital storage, yet the frequent 50% off sale will lug this rice under to $38.98, or $19.49 every tape.

This alternative is an excellent for people that want to store the videos for sure online and send links to your friends and family so they can additionally enjoy the video.

LegacyBox Summary

Pricing in ~ LegacyBox is competitive once the discounts are taken right into consideration. And also if you only have 1 video clip tape then because that the 2nd item to deliver that’s consisted of in the price friend can add a stack of photos, slides, reel come reel movie or just around anything.

And they have actually larger tradition box packages come fit her needs, the 2 article minimum is simply the basic package.

iMemories video Transfer

iMemories is just one of the most popular transfer solutions for video tapes, slides, pictures, and reel come reel film.

Their “base” price consists the expense of conversion, climate you must choose and also purchase what type of media you want it save on which have the right to be cloud storage, DVDs, USB like many of the various other transfer services.


Transfer to DVD

iMemories will move your VHS or any kind of other video tape as much as 2 hrs for the basic price the $14.99 per tape. Then to have the video stored on DVD will price $9.99 per DVD disc for a full of 24.98.

They do generally offer deals and also coupons because that the initial carry cost, during writing this post they had an additional 20% dropping the deliver charge under to 11.99.

You can pick to pack and also mail iMemories your tapes yourself, or they have a protective crate they will ship friend for secondary $14.99 the is a crush-proof box through waterproof bags and also protective pack material in addition to a paid shipping FedEx label, most likely not a poor deal.

They also have a Blu Ray alternative for DVDs because that $14.99 every disc which would just make sense if friend were moving MiniDV or part digitil format that would advantage from the greater resolution.

Transfer to USB

iMemories will move your VHS or any type of other video tape up to 2 hours for the base price that $14.99 every tape. Then to have the video stored on USB will price $19.99 every USB drive up to 8GB storage because that a total of $34.98.

The very same 20% off deal uses for USB carry at the time of writing, which would price $11.99 per tape. So delivering 1 tape come USB would expense $31.98, price for 2 tapes would be 2 x 11.99 + 19.99 for the USB = 43.97.

If you pick to transport multiple tapes the all right on the same USB drive then over there is no added cost for USB, just the carry itself.

Does finest Buy transform VHS tapes to DVD?

Best purchase does not offer video clip transfer company in their stores. They execute some equipment if you’d like to transfer video clip yourself.

How much to Convert video At Home

If you currently have a working VCR or camcorder relying on the type of tape you have) climate transferring video at home generally requires a USB capture machine and some room on a hard drive.

The USB catch devices can be found bare-bones for roughly $10 or higher end v full capture software for $70 or more.

The real question is how numerous tapes do you must transfer?

Depending on her budget and the amount of tapes to move you may consider doing it yourself, or not taking care of the effort and also simply paying someone to perform it.

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If girlfriend can’t afford come pay among these services and aren’t technically inclined climate reach the end to friends/family (these teenagers are very tech-savy) and see if they want to aid you out.