I’ve been researching a lot of supplements lately, and many the them room aimed at burning fat and also losing weight. Since of this, ns wondered, walk creatine burn fat too?

The fast answer is the no, creatine walk not have a direct effect on your body fat. There space no studies proving that creatine burns fat, and there room no studies reflecting that creatine renders you get fat.

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This being said, creatine can indirectly impact your weight/fat levels. Below, I’ll go over just how creatine have the right to do this, and some actions you can make come take manage of her weight.

If you’re looking for a good brand that creatine, read my article on the brand that creatine i use and also why it’s my favorite. It’s no gonna burn any type of weight directly, but it can assist you develop muscle and aid you attain your fitness goals. I likewise put a discount password in there, for this reason be sure to check it out!

No, Creatine Doesn’t straight Burn Fat


To start off, I’ll give a little bit of details on exactly how creatine works. In her body, creatine is stored in “reserves” inside her muscles. Creatine attractive water, so her muscles may look larger (but friend won’t gain any type of fat).

When you’re working out, your body converts these creatine reserves right into ATP, which your muscles and body use as an energy source. This extra ATP helps you construct muscle, as well as have some an ext short term endurance.

For example, once you’re lifting, you should be able to get a couple of extra reps right into each set of her lifts.

With this simple knowledge of just how creatine works, you might make the observation that creatine won’t help you burn fat. Every it go is help build muscle, and theoretically has no impact on human body fat levels.

In one study, i m sorry I attached to below, they had actually participants supplement with creatine, and also monitored your body weight and also body fat. The study uncovered that body weight enhanced significantly, but body fat walk not readjust at all. This is because, as I discussed before, creatine causes you to get water weight.

As you just read, creatine to be not uncovered to readjust your body fat in this study. It can seem prefer it does, because of the water weight gained, but actual human body fat levels were not adjusted at every by supplementing v creatine.

In fact, ns couldn’t find a single study that attached creatine usage with fat loss. This being said, ns couldn’t discover one that linked creatine v fat get either. Most studies show a bodyweight increase due to water weight, however no change in body fat percentage.

While creatine could not assist you burn fat, the doesn’t median you can’t shed weight/fat while acquisition creatine. When you’re using creatine, it’s totally possible come gain and lose weight.

You’ll have the ability to gain and lose weight simply as you typically would without gift on creatine. Basically, friend have manage over her weight, no creatine (more ~ above this later).

Overall, creatine doesn’t have actually an effect on fat. It doesn’t directly help burn fat, however it doesn’t do you obtain fat either. This gift said, creatine may actually indirectly assist you shed weight and also burn fat. Below, I’ll go over this more in-depth.

Certain brand of creatine might insurance claim that their type makes friend burn more fat, or obtain less fat overall, yet these claims are practically always untested, and also untrue. If you want to read about all that the various creatine variations, check out my post on the 12 different varieties of creatine!


Creatine deserve to Indirectly aid You Burn Fat


I mentioned before that creatine doesn’t directly burn fat. But, it does, only indirectly. If you’re safety a whole bunch the money ~ above creatine, you’re much an ext likely than the average human being to be obtaining into the gym more often and also be working on burning fat yourself.

Along with this, because creatine attracts water, it’s simpler for you to end up being dehydrated. Hopefully, this means that you’ll be drinking a lot much more water while you’re acquisition creatine.

If you didn’t know, water helps you lose weight in a variety of ways, greatly by boosting your metabolism and acting as a hunger suppressant.

While creatine can assist you burn fat indirectly, it’s not going to do it ~ above its own. You still need to watch her diet, and you still have to put in work at the gym.

You can acquire weight just as conveniently while you’re taking creatine, therefore you need to be simply as cautious as as soon as you’re not taking it.

All this being said, creatine still doesn’t have a direct affect on her body fat, neither an unfavorable nor positive. It’s possible to shed weight, however it’s no an impact from creatine directly.

It’s simply some affect from creatine and also your adjust of behavior because of the fact that you’re taking it, no the creatine itself.


Creatine provides You acquire Water Weight

As I’ve mentioned before, when creatine won’t influence your fat levels, that will rise your water weight. This method that after you’ve been acquisition creatine because that a while, you’ll it is in heavier, nevertheless of if your fat percentage or muscle mass has changed.

You get water due to the fact that creatine attractive water, so friend retain an ext water in her body, specifically in her muscle cells. This water often tends to weigh a lot, so girlfriend may find that friend weigh an ext than you did prior to you began taking creatine.

If you notification that you’ve acquired weight, don’t worry. It’s feasible that it’s more muscle mass, and it’s also possible that you’ve obtained weight if your eating and lifestyle behavior changed, however that wouldn’t be from the creatine.

You have the right to be pretty sure that any initial weight gained is every water weight, and also it’ll all walk away if you stop taking creatine. If you’re interested in what rather happens, you have the right to read my article on what happens when you protect against taking creatine.

You also have to be careful about dehydration. Because creatine attracts water, it traction this water from other parts of your body. If girlfriend aren’t drink enough, it have the right to be straightforward for girlfriend to become dehydrated.

All you need to do to prevent this is come drink sufficient water throughout the day. You must be doing this whether or not you’re taking creatine, yet you particularly should when you are taking it.


Can You lose Weight While acquisition Creatine?

Yes, it’s definitely possible for girlfriend to shed weight while acquisition creatine. Together I pointed out earlier, the may even be easier for friend to do so.

This being said, creatine has actually nothing to execute with any type of weight you lose while acquisition it. You can gain and lose load while you’re acquisition creatine simply as you have the right to gain and also lose weight while you’re not taking creatine.

Some civilization who take it creatine room looking come burn fat. Some civilization who take creatine room looking to obtain weight, or build muscle. Due to the fact that both types of world take creatine, it’s straightforward to tell the both weight loss and also weight acquire are both completely possible while you’re supplementing through creatine.

Again, whether or no you burn fat is completely up come you. Below, I’ll walk over how creatine can lead to load gain, and likewise how just you have the capability to change your weight, not any type of one supplement.

Creatine Indirectly reasons Muscle load Gain


As I already mentioned, creatine reasons you to retain much more water in your muscles, which contributes to a higher overall human body weight.

On peak of this, since the point of creatine is come build an ext muscle, you may discover that girlfriend gain more weight due to the fact that your muscles are actually growing. If you’re a lifter, this is a great thing, and also it’s more than likely the goal of why you’re taking creatine in the an initial place.

Again, creatine won’t carry out this on its own. Lot like steroids, creatine will certainly only aid you develop muscle if you’re putting sufficient work in the gym. It’s no a wonder supplement, and you still have to lift in bespeak to build muscle.

While creatine and also steroids may seem similar, they’re completely different. If you desire to read much more on the differences, check out my write-up on why creatine isn’t a steroid.

Once you build the extra muscle, you’re walk to sweet more. ~ all, muscle is denser and weighs much more than fat does. In this way, creatine can indirectly make you “gain weight”.

While this weight is native muscle, it’s still technically acquiring weight. Again, however, creatine won’t perform this top top its own, and you’ll only obtain muscle load if you’re lifting sufficient weights in the gym.


Only girlfriend Can change Your Weight, no Creatine

To sum up this article, only you have the ability to readjust your weight. Her eating habits and also your lifestyle both have far bigger impacts on her weight and also body fat level than any kind of supplement does, even creatine.

While part supplements can aid you shed weight, or construct muscle, at the finish of the day, you have much an ext power over her weight 보다 a supplement does.

While creatine can aid you lose weight/burn fat indirectly, you deserve to still get weight if girlfriend aren’t careful.

The suggest I’m trying to do is that while you’re acquisition creatine, you have to treat your body the exact same or much better as you did once you weren’t taking it.

You can still burn fat, however you can likewise gain fat if friend slack on your lifestyle and eating habits. Creatine may have actually an indirect impact on her weight, but you shouldn’t count on it to burn fat.

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Does Creatine Burn belly Fat? No, creatine doesn’t burn belly fat. Creatine itself has no effect on her body fat levels. This gift said, if you live a healthy lifestyle and hit the gym, you have the right to burn belly fat top top your very own while you’re acquisition creatine.

Can I shed Weight While taking Creatine? Yes, you deserve to lose weight while taking creatine. Creatine may make you obtain water weight, however it is feasible to lose weight. Creatine itself won’t do you shed weight, however if you have actually the appropriate habits and also gym routines, it’s completely possible to shed weight while acquisition creatine.

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Why does Creatine do My challenge Fat? If you notification your face looking “fat” after acquisition creatine, it’s most most likely not fat. Creatine causes an increase in water weight, which may make friend look larger or heavier 보다 you in reality are.