Costco wholesale Club continues its one-of-a-kind operating hours for members 60 and older and vulnerable shoppers between the coronavirus pandemic.

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At many clubs, the designated hour for senior shoppers, members through disabilities or immunocompromised is 9 a.m. Come 10 a.m. Monday v Friday.

However, part locations have varying hours, follow to Costco's COVID-19 updates page, i m sorry lists the variations and also other policy changes. (See below.)

Earlier in December, Costco's list of shop that had varying senior hours consisted of some Arizona, Virginia, Nevada, brand-new Jersey, new York and new Mexico stores however as that Thursday the updated perform is much shorter and no longer includes stores in those states.

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The designated hour, which started March 24 as a twice-weekly event, was easily extended to three times a week. Then as soon as clubs resumed normal hours in beforehand May, clubs extended the senior hours to weekday mornings at many locations.

"Due come the increase in COVID-19 cases, Costco will maintain existing Special Operating hours until more notice," the retailer claims on that website, which note guests "will not be admitted" throughout the time.

Costco originally announced plans end the summer to alleviate the special hours in July yet didn't finish up cutting the hours as cases spiked.

The member club has actually made number of changes since of the pandemic and also was among the an initial retailers to require shoppers come wear masks. Critical month, Costco updated the plan to speak it will no much longer make exemptions for people who say they can’t wear a face covering due to the fact that of a medical condition.

Under the brand-new policy that began Nov. 16, all members, guests and employees need to wear a confront mask or a challenge shield in order come shop in the almost 560 clubs nationwide. Youngsters under 2 proceed to be freed from attract a face covering with the updated policy.

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Costco an elderly hours and exceptions

The designated hour for an elderly shoppers, members v disabilities or immunocompromised is 9 a.m. To 10 a.m. Monday with Friday at many clubs. Members that don't satisfy the criteria will certainly not be admitted.

The adhering to clubs are the exceptions listed on the COVID-19 updates web page at, which is generally updated. Discover all locations' hours at

Newark, Delaware: Senior Shopping hours are from 8 come 9 a.m., Monday through Friday.

Iwilei (Honolulu), Hawaii: Senior Shopping hrs are indigenous 8 come 9 a.m., Monday with Friday.

Maryland: Gaithersburg and Wheaton places "will allow no an ext than one human to enter the warehouse per membership card due to Montgomery ar occupancy restrictions." Costco lists the Wheaton store's hours as 8 come 9 a.m. Monday v Friday.

Massachusetts: Senior Shopping hours are 8:30 - 9:30 a.m., daily.

Oregon: Senior Shopping hours are 8:30 come 9:30 a.m., Monday v Friday.

California Costco an elderly hours

Los Angeles locations: an elderly Shopping hrs are indigenous 8 to 9 a.m., Monday v Friday. Locations include: Alhambra, Burbank, Chino Hills, City the Industry, Culver City, Cypress, fractional Valley, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Hawthorne, Huntington Beach, Irvine, La Habra, Lakewood, Los Feliz, Monterey Park, Northridge, Norwalk, Oxnard, Pacoima, mountain Bernardino, Signal Hill, Torrance, Tustin, valve Nuys and Woodland Hills

Bay Area

The adhering to Bay Area locations’ an elderly Shopping hours are 8 come 9 a.m., Monday with Friday: Foster City, an excellent Oaks, Hayward, NE san Jose, Santa Cruz and Richmond.

The adhering to Bay Area locations’ an elderly Shopping hrs are 8:30 to 9:30 a.m., Monday with Friday: Almaden, Cal Expo, Danville, El Camino, Folsom, Fremont, Livermore, Modesto, Redwood City, Reno, Richmond, Sacramento, Salinas, mountain Francisco, san Leandro, southern San Francisco and Sunnyvale.

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The complying with Bay Area locations’ an elderly Shopping hrs are 9 come 10 a.m., Monday through Friday: Antioch, Carson City, Chico, Citrus Heights, Clovis, Elk Grove, Eureka, Fairfield, Fresno, Gilroy, Hanford, Lodi, Manteca, Merced, hill View, phibìc Fresno, Novato, Rancho Cordova, Rohnert Park, Redding, Roseville, san Jose, Sandcity, Santa Clara, Santa Rosa, Sparks, Stockton, Tracy, Turlock, Ukiah, Vacaville, Vallejo, Visalia and also Woodland.

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