New senior Shopping hours At Costco start 7/26

Last year Costco introduced senior shopping hours to accommodate the older an ext vulnerable population, but as COVID cases began to decrease lock announced their senior hours were going away. This particular day they reversed course and also announced they’ll keep an elderly hours two days a week, however recommend you confirm those times through your neighborhood Costco.

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Effective July 26, 2021, Costco will have special operating hrs for members ages 60 and also older, and also for civilization with disabilities, ~ above Tuesday and also Thursday from 9 come 10 a.m., until additional notice. Please check with your regional warehouse to confirm hours.

During those times only members periods 60 and also older, and those through disabilities or who room immunocompromised will be allowed to shop. Guests will certainly not it is in admitted. Costco proceeds to monitor COVID-19 in the community and also will upgrade their policies accordingly.

Of course, Costco members that are medical care workers (which has pharmacists and all hospital employees v a hospital ID) and very first responders (police officers, EMTs and firefighters) may get in the warehouse during Special operating Hours, and also regular operation hours.

At the minute Costco’s mask policy depends on neighborhood state and also city regulations however is topic to change.

In solution to the news post on Facebook, members said the senior hours have actually made them feeling safe and also they’re willing to drive more to shop in ~ Costco. Numerous responded with requests the Costco continue offering senior hours permanently. Offering senior hours provides members 60 and older a chance to shop as soon as the save is much less crowded.

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