Eggs are tasty and nutritious - a great source of vitamins and minerals. But like many foods, lock can lug bacteria that cause food poisoning. It is necessary you handle and prepare eggs safely to mitigate the risk.

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never buy eggs through cracks.
Buy egg in cartons that plainly identify the supplier and also that every egg has a stamp on it.


Eggs must be clean and free from clearly shows dirt and also feathers.
execute not buy eggs which have actually been save in direct sunlight as heat shortens their shelf life (the quantity of time they room safe to eat).

Eggs that space broken, cracked or dirty (visible hen faeces (poo) or feathers) are more likely come contain the Salmonella bacteria.


These bacteria deserve to be top top the shell and also inside the egg, for this reason you must be careful how you handle eggs in your shell and after you have cracked them.

Never ever before gendergeek.orgsh eggs. gendergeek.orgter renders it simpler for the bacteria to gain inside. If you get eggs indigenous backyard chickens, merely brush the dirt off.

Once within the egg, the Salmonella bacteria store multiplying which more increases the threat of illness. That is crucial to remember that such eggs may not necessarily odor or look "off".

The Salmonella bacteria can additionally spread very easily. If girlfriend touch eggs, or get some egg white or yolk on her hands, you have the right to spread the bacteria to anything else you touch. This consists of other foods, food preparation utensils and also work surfaces, so that is essential to gendergeek.orgsh and also dry your hands completely after handling eggs.

When storing and also handling eggs take the same precautions together you would once handling and preparing life chicken, meat and also seafood.

Stop the bacteria spreading

save eggs far from other foodstuffs when they are still in the shell and after you have cracked them. Be mindful not to splash egg onto other foods, worktops or dishes. Algendergeek.orgys gendergeek.orgsh and dry her hands extensively after poignant eggs or working through them. Clean surfaces, dishes and utensils thoroughly, using heat soapy gendergeek.orgter, ~ working through eggs.

Store eggs in your cartons or other egg container in the refrigerator at temperatures much less than 5 °C.

Only store clean, uncracked eggs. Do not gendergeek.orgsh eggs as this can make it easier for bacteria to go into the egg.

Protect yourself and also your family members from harmful bacteria by complying with these simple steps:

algendergeek.orgys gendergeek.orgsh your hands v soap after managing eggs and also chickens keep the nesting materials and litter clean and dry and change it routinely collect eggs day-to-day don’t gendergeek.orgsh the eggs as this have the right to transfer bacteria right into the egg contents, instead wipe off any visible dirt through a dry towel or document towel discard cracked eggs and also heavily soiled egg that space too hard to clean store eggs in the frozen fridge in a separate clean container agendergeek.orgy from prepared to eat foods.

Refer come the keeping backyard chickens safely factsheet (PDF 976KB)for additional information.

Can I use raw eggs in recipes?

Raw / easy cooked eggs might be one ingredient in:

homemade raw egg butter and sauces such together mayonnaise, aioli and also hollandaise sauce drink such together eggnog and also protein smoothies desserts such together mousse, tiramisu, deep fried and also homemade ice cream meringue, lemon curd and also some cake icings.

It is not recommended that foods containing raw or easy cooked eggs are consumed by:

young youngsters elderly world pregnant women world with a dilute immune system.

If raw eggs are offered in foods that are not cooked, the food or drink need to be eaten instantly after it has actually been prepared or kept at a temperature reduced than 5 °C for a preferably of 24 hrs until consumed.

Using pasteurised egg assets is a safer alternative than covering eggs for these products. The pasteurisation procedure will kill Salmonella bacteria, but it does not cook or affect the colour, flavour, nutritional value, or use of eggs.

Never use cracked or dirty eggs even if you space planning to chef them thoroughly.

Refrigerate cooking eggs and also dishes containing egg which room not eaten immediately.

Does cooking eggs kill Salmonella bacteria?

Yes, if you chef the eggs until both the white and also yolk room solid. If you are cooking a food containing eggs, make sure you chef it till the food is gendergeek.orgrm all the gendergeek.orgy through.

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It is ideal to avoid any kind of uncooked foods or dishes the contain life egg. This is since it is difficult to guarantee the security of eat raw eggs and also dishes that contain unpasteurised raw egg products.