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Last updated on September 22, 2021

Ah, cacao chip cookie dough ice cream! among the most craved foods items by pregnant women, and often the cause of some confusion end whether it’s for sure or no to eat.

I’ve placed together this guide to help you on as soon as cookie dough ice cream cream is for sure to eat in pregnancy, and when that isn’t.

Can girlfriend eat cookie dough ice cream if you’re pregnant? If the cookie dough ice cream cream has actually been commercially made, fairly than homemade, then it’s typically safe because that pregnant females to eat. However, this shouldn’t be confused with cookie dough itself, i beg your pardon is frequently unsafe in pregnancy.

As is typical with checking food in pregnancy, there are some grey areas when it comes to eating cookie dough ice cream.

To make it easier, I’ve investigated popular brands that cookie dough ice cream cream and detailed whether they are safe. I’ve likewise included pointers including why cookie dough chin is typically a no-go for pregnant women.


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Which species of Cookie Dough ice Cream room Safe for Pregnant ladies to Eat?

The good news is that the vast majority of commercially-made cookie dough ice cream creams room safe to eat if you’re pregnant.

The reason for this is that manufacturers use heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs, milk and cream in your products, including the cookie dough. By “commercially made”, this way store-bought, from large brands.

For the avoidance that doubt, I confirm with several of the most renowned brands who have actually a coco chip cookie dough flavor ice cream:

Ben and Jerry’s cacao Chip Cookie Dough ice Cream

This includes the lighter option such as their ‘Moophoria’ series, too. Ben and Jerry’s use heat-treated flour and pasteurized dairy and eggs both in the ice cream cream and their cookie dough.

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So walk ahead, Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice Cream is safe for pregnant females to eat, as confirmed on your website, too.

Breyers chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream Cream

I gained in touch v Breyers and also they confirmed that all ingredients in your cookie dough ice cream are pasteurized and are as such safe in pregnancy.

Häagen-Dazs cacao Chip Cookie Dough ice Cream

I reached out to Häagen-Dazs and also they confirmed: “All raw dairy products (skim milk, entirety milk and also cream) space pasteurized in our infrastructure using the high temperature short time (HTST) method.” They also pointed out that your cookie dough ingredients and all the fruit in their ice cream cream is additionally pasteurized. Haagen-Dazs cookie dough ice cream is, therefore, for sure to eat if you’re pregnant.

Dairy Queen’s cacao Chip Cookie Dough ice cream Cream Blizzard

I’ve queried this through Dairy Queen and also they advised me that their cookie dough is eggless and the flour is heat-treated. As such Dairy Queen cookie dough blizzards are likely to be for sure for pregnant women. However, your Blizzards room soft-serve ice cream cream, i beg your pardon is pasteurized however relies on the device dispensing it gift super clean. Together DQ is a huge brand, they have stringent cleaning policies and it’s likely to be for sure to eat your soft-serve. However, in the end, you’re relying ~ above the separation, personal, instance franchise that you purchase from. More on soft offer is below.

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Which Cookie Dough ice Cream isn’t for sure for Pregnant Women?

Not all variations of coco chip cookie dough ice cream cream are suitable for pregnant females to eat.

Unpasteurized ingredients and also other determinants can average that it’s best avoided in pregnancy.

Examples the unsafe cacao chip cookie dough ice cream are:

Homemade cookie dough ice cream

Homemade cookie dough ice cream cream deserve to contain unpasteurized milk, cream or eggs. It’s usually the life egg that provides homemade ice cream unsuitable for pregnant women, due to the potential threat of salmonella (source: PMC).If you have actually an eggless recipe or use a pasteurized egg substitute, an unified with pasteurized dairy, then home-made ice cream may be for sure if it’s stored properly.

However, the raw cookie dough intended to walk in ice cream should be commercially-bought, quite than homemade – more information ~ above this is detailed below.

Soft-serve Cookie Dough ice cream

Although the milk and/or cream used to do soft-serve ice cream is likely to it is in pasteurized, this isn’t the sole factor to practice caution if you’re going come eat that whilst pregnant.

It’s the cleanliness that the serving maker that may reason issues including listeria pollution from improperly cleaned machines. If you buy her soft serve from a large, chain restaurant climate they usually have stringent cleaning methods for their devices every work or ~ a certain number of uses. However, ice cream vans, street vendors or various other smaller operations are not regulated and you are basically trusting that the maker is clean.

Most that the time, it will be – nobody desires to poison your customers, after ~ all!

However, girlfriend don’t really have actually a sure method of knowing, so it’s best to avoid soft offer in this circumstances. For more on this – inspect out our overview to eating ice cream safely during pregnancy.

Why raw Cookie Dough isn’t always Pregnancy-Safe


Whether mixed right into ice cream or not, there room several factors why pregnant women have to be cautious of eating non-commercial raw batter or cookie dough. Homemade life batter or cookie dough need to be avoided through pregnant women. This is because:

Raw batter or dough contains raw, potentially unpasteurized eggs. Countless women know of the dangers of eating raw egg in pregnancy, however it’s not constantly immediately obvious when a life or partly cooked egg is provided in a homemade cookie dough cooking recipes if friend didn’t make it yourself.

Commercially produced ‘Edible’ cookie dough is often safe (including as soon as it appears in ice cream cream flavors). Usual brands that ‘ready come eat’ cookie doughs that space safe for pregnant ladies are:

Gookie Dough (yes, v a G) – this is a UK brand make dough which is both eggless and also uses heat-treated flour, for this reason it’s safe for pregnant women. Friend can likewise bake it as you would through normal cookie dough. Nestlé Toll residence Edible Cookie Dough – be mindful here, together it’s only the Toll residence dough with the word “Edible” in the title that is safe to eat raw. The continual Nestle Toll residence raw cookie dough (intended because that baking) is no safe in pregnancy. The Edible collection is draft to be eaten and also not baked, and is for sure for pregnant women since it is eggless, uses heat-treated flour and also has no leavening agents. Edoughble – a mail-order cookie dough firm started through a woman who was pregnant at the time! It’s for sure to eat all spices while pregnant. The Cookie Dough Cafe – all flavors are OK because that pregnant ladies to eat. No designed for baking.

Again, I must reiterate here, it is not safe come eat constant cookie dough designed because that baking.