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Colorado law allows you come carry a surprise firearm if you were issued a precious concealed bring permit through the state or by an additional state that Colorado honors. A CCW have the right to be obtained by any resident at least 21 years of age who is not otherwise banned from having a firearm. Without such a permit, carrying a surprise weapon is normally a violation of Colorado law.

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To aid you better understand the process for obtaining a Colorado hidden handgun permit, our Denver criminal defense lawyers deal with the complying with faqs, below:


A CCW deserve to be derived by any type of resident at least 21 year of age who is not otherwise prohibition from having a firearm.

1. Who may attain a Colorado concealed lug permit?

You can attain a Colorado allow to bring a concealed handgun native a local county sheriff’s office if all of the adhering to apply:

You space a legitimate resident that the state the Colorado (not a non-resident), or girlfriend or a member of her immediate family members is a member that the armed forces on permanent duty in ~ a armed forces installation in Colorado; You space twenty-one years of period or older; You space not ineligible to possess a firearm under state or commonwealth law; You have not been convicted the perjury in relationship to information listed or deliberately omitted on a allow application; You carry out not chronically and also habitually use alcoholic beverages come the level that your normal faculties room impaired (unless you have actually an affidavit signed by a licensed skilled addiction specialist confirming you have refrained from using alcohol because that at least three years); You room not one unlawful user of, or addicted to, a managed substance as defined under federal law and also regulations; You are not topic to a irreversible or temporary protection order at the time your application is submitted: You demonstrate competence with a handgun through submitting: proof of experience with a firearm with participation in arranged shooting competitions or present military service; proof that, at the time your application is submitted, you space a certified instructor; proof of honorable discharge native a branch of the united States equipped forces within the 3 years preceding submittal that the application; evidence of honorable discharge native a branch that the joined States equipped forces that reflects pistol qualifications obtained within the ten years preceding submittal the the application; A certificate showing retirement indigenous a Colorado law enforcement firm that shows pistol qualifications obtained within the ten years coming before submittal the the application; or A cultivate certificate indigenous a handgun training class (safety course) derived within the ten years preceding submittal of the application. You need to submit the original firearms training certificate or a photocopy thereof that contains the initial signature of the class instructor.

However, also if you meet all of these requirements, if the sheriff has a reasonable id that your documented previous actions makes it most likely you will existing a hazard to yourself or rather if you get a allow to lug a concealed handgun, the sheriff may deny her application.1

2.What is the cost and procedure to acquire a CCW?

You can obtain a concealed lug application and also information packet native the local sheriff in the county in which girlfriend reside or whereby you own or lease real estate that you usage for business.

The handling fee for a covert handgun permit application may not exceed $100. Plus over there is a Colorado office of examination (CBI) fee for the background check and also fingerprints, and also this payment have to be made by money order or cashier’s check.

The application process will need you to disclose:

Your complete name, birth name, date of birth, address and any other names you have actually previously unable to do by; Your residence address(es) because that the ten-year period immediately preceding submittal of your application; even if it is you space a Colorado resident and whether you have actually a valid driver’s license or other state-issued picture identification (state ID) or a army order prove residence; and also Whether you meet the criteria because that obtaining a allow as collection forth above.

Return her completed application form, in person, to the issuing sheriff and sign in in prior of an authorized employee the the department. It might be possible to letter it in through a notarized signature, but ask in advance.

If girlfriend knowingly and also intentionally do a false or misleading declare on a permit application or friend deliberately omit any type of material information, your application deserve to be denied and also you have the right to be charged v perjury (CRS 18-1.3-501).

You will also be required come provide:

A full set of fingerprints (to it is in taken by the Sheriff), Documentary proof demonstrating competence with a handgun, as collection forth above; A full frontal view color photograph of her head taken in ~ the thirty days immediately preceding submittal the the permit application (or through the Sheriff). The photo need to measure 1 1/8 inches large and one 1 ¼” high, and shall present your complete head, consisting of hair and facial features; and also A precious Colorado driver’s license or precious Colorado or army photo identification for comparison.

People may additionally apply for short-lived emergency permits if they require the permit as quickly as possible.2


A Colorado concealed carry permit is an excellent for 5 years from the day of issuance.

3. How long is my concealed carry permit an excellent for?

Unless that is revoked, your Colorado concealed lug permit is good for 5 years indigenous the date of issuance. After ~ that, it should be renewed with a renewal application.

However, the sheriff may deny, revoke, or refuse come renew a allow if that or she has a reasonable belief that friend no longer satisfy the criteria set forth above or that you existing to yourself or others.

If the sheriff suspends or revokes her permit, you will certainly be educated in writing of the grounds for suspension or revocation and also given the possibility to submit added information for the record and to seek judicial evaluation of the decision.

Permittees can use for a renewal in ~ one hundred twenty days prior to the expiration of your permit. Renewal develops can be obtained from:

The sheriff of the county or city and county in which girlfriend reside, or The sheriff of the ar or city and also county in which you preserve a an additional residence or own or lease realestate you usage for a business.

The fee because that a renewal shall not exceed $50.3

Check i m sorry states have CCW reciprocity with Colorado.

4. Are there limitations on alcoholics and also drug addicts?

Colorado gun regulations prohibit you from obtaining a Colorado surprise handgun lug permit if you are a habitual user of medicine and/or alcohol. You are thought about a chronic and also habitual user of alcohol addict beverages through impaired faculties if:

You have actually at any type of time to be committed together an alcoholic, or

5. Space there constraints on carrying a hidden weapon?

To make use of your permit, it must have a shade photograph that you and you must have actually both it and a state-issued photograph ID with you at all times throughout which you space in really possession of a hidden handgun.

Upon demand by a legislation enforcement officer, friend must create both. Fail to carry and also produce a permit and valid photograph identification upon need is a course 1 petty offense. It can be punished under state legislation by:

A fine of as much as $500, and/or 6 months in jail.

However, if at or prior to the scheduled court appearance, permit holders show the court a precious permit and also valid photograph identification card issued prior to the date of your offense, the court will certainly dismiss the charges.

lug a concealed handgun into a place where the moving of weapons is prohibition by commonwealth law; carry a surprise handgun right into a public school (unless you space an equipped security officer to work by the school or the institution is legally offered for hunting or various other shooting sports); bring a surprise handgun right into a public structure at i m sorry handguns are not legit permitted.5

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