Coke was founded in 1886. During its virtually 150 years of creating soft drinks, the Coca-Cola firm has released and restored many spices of sodas, some of which are an ar and niche-specific.

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Moreover, that isn’t basic to gain your hand on a flavor that you prefer if it’s hundreds of miles away, not to point out that Coke choose to retract and also reintroduce limited-edition flavored sodas together they wish, which may vary through region.

Diet Cinnamon Coke to be released in 2018 after Pepsi’s initial release of their minimal edition Pepsi Fire.

However, Diet Cinnamon Coke to be only obtainable in the UK at the time and also lasted only for a restricted time.

Regular Cinnamon Coke has actually been found in the united States every year come holiday season as soon as Coca-Cola reintroduces it.

This short article will sheathe in information Cinnamon Coca-Cola walk over when it was presented to the public, the sport that include Coke regular and also then your Zero range, and also if you can discover it, and where girlfriend can discover it.

We’ll likewise take a look in ~ the ingredients that go into Coke and also Pepsi and also if they contain cinnamon in ~ all.

Cinnamon coke overview


For plenty of years now, there have actually been flavored sodas and many much more flavors than you might think.

The Coca-Cola company is no stranger come flavored cola either, offering plenty of variations that flavors.

The only thing is, is the flavored soda only appeals to a niche consumer base, and also as such, girlfriend don’t acquire the joy of gift able to purchase all favors.

Take, because that instance, Coca-cola irradiate Sango, i beg your pardon is only easily accessible in France, or Coca-Cola Raspberry the was only obtainable in new Zealand was revived in 2006 and also then make its method to UK retail shelves in 2019.

The list goes on with countless flavors, both that the timeless Coke variety (with sugar) and that of your Zero and Light range.

Going earlier a pair of years to summer 2017, Pepsi originally released your Pepsi Fire flavored soda that had a cinnamon flavor come it prior to Coke ever before thought of doing so.

This to be a minimal edition operation of the flavored soda and opened to combined reviews v some world loving it and some people hating the (in every fairness, that happens with many things today).

When Pepsi Fire left the shelves, human being were up in arms and also demanded their beloved flavor to do a comeback. Back Pepsi did not respond, Coca-Cola did and promptly readily available a zero-sugar variation of it, aptly title Coca-cola Zero street Cinnamon which to be released in late 2018.

The only difficulty was (and as we discovered out above about flavored sodas) it was only available in the UK, uneven its Pepsi equivalent that was obtainable in the US.

Luckily Coca-Cola introduced cinnamon-flavored Coke in the united state for the holiday season earlier in 2019 however was again only a minimal edition run that ended as the vacation season did.

Come vacation season 2020, and Coke re-released their holiday-inspired cinnamon-flavored soda for the masses when again.

According to people Magazine, it was unclear when they asked exactly how long the soda would remain on the shelves for.

It has once again promptly made an leave after the last vacation season.

There room two points to note: cinnamon-flavored Coke is still not hit the shelves again, yet you deserve to probably mean to find it ~ above the shelves come vacation season when again this year and for the foreseeable future.

The various other is that Diet Cinnamon Coke was the early stage release back in 2018, which was obtainable in the UK, and the versions of the cinnamon-flavored Coke soda the was and is available today is Cokes traditional soft drink variant.

That method it consists of sugar, and also the Diet Coke or Coke Zero option is not available.


One thing that has actually made the Coca-Cola agency a force to it is in reconned with and also the factor they manage the largest part of the soft drink sector throughout the entire people is the they make incredible soft drinks and sodas, and also nobody to know what they usage in their formula to create any type of of their products.

There have been numerous independent researches where individuals and also companies have actually tried to number out and also recreate the traditional Coke flavor.

While comes close, nobody has ever succeeded, but they do know of a few key ingredients.

Coke’s primary taste has actually been speculated to have come indigenous vanilla and cinnamon in addition to having actually trace amounts of spices such together nutmeg and then additionally essential oils.

There to be a examine that to be performed in 2015 i beg your pardon identified and also measured roughly 58 aroma compounds discovered in traditional Coke, and also it confirmed far-reaching amounts of compounds choose cinnamon, vanilla, orange, lemon, and also nutmeg in Coca-Cola.


As we disputed with Coke, Pepsi has a similar motto not to divulge firm trade keys to anyone.

With both companies, girlfriend can find the ingredients of the soda’s contents, i beg your pardon is published on the next of every can and bottle.

Pepsi ingredients include carbonated water, high furustos corn syrup, caramel color, sugar, phosphoric acid, caffeine, citric acid, and also natural flavors.

As you can see, they perform not divulge any kind of other compound or flavorings, disguising your hidden secret under the heading the “natural flavors.”.

One thing to keep in mind is that Pepsi’s original formula offered a variety of spices and flavors, and also those consisted of sugar, lemon oil, nutmeg, and caramel.

However, most significant soda brands prefer Pepsi, Coke, and Doctor Pepper usage bitter citrus peels, vanilla, cinnamon, and also then a proprietary mix of other spices to do their flavors, as plenty of studies have indicated.

Their limited range the Pepsi Fire had actually a cinnamon smell (as we discussed), yet this could have just been a flavoring and perhaps not the spice.

We recognize that contrasted to Coke, Pepsi has the ingredient the Citric Acid, where Coca-Cola does not.

Many people always ask what the difference is, and also it would certainly seem to it is in the enhancement of Citric acid, and the taste have the right to be classified introduce to Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink” wherein he says, “Pepsi is defined by a citrusy smell burst, unlike the much more raisiny-vanilla taste the Coke.”.


As questioned above, Pepsi provides bitter citrus peels, vanilla, cinnamon, and also other proprietary spices to make their flavors.

However, complete disclosure around the precise ingredients and also spices is never ever disclosed.

For obvious reasons, due to the fact that then friend would have actually Pepsi knock-off providers popping up anywhere the world, even an ext so than there space now.

The flavor tricks that are both in Pepsi and Coke room a billion-dollar industry, and also as such, the specific formula for their flavors will probably never be disclosed to the public.

We discovered that back there was a Coke Zero Cinnamon Flavored Soda, it to be only obtainable in 2018 timeless after Pepsi’s relax of their Pepsi Fire minimal edition range of sodas.

Furthermore, it to be only easily accessible in the UK for a minimal time, after which it was released in the United claims for the holiday seasons of 2019 and also 2020 however has due to the fact that been gotten rid of from eh shelves of retailers nationwide.

You should also be mindful that the variation of cinnamon-flavored Coke easily accessible during the vacation season is no the Coke Zero version that was available in the UK in 2018.

The variant of the cinnamon odor is Coke’s conventional cola that contains sugar.

Besides Pepsi initially launching their cinnamon flavored drink, we additionally found out that both Pepsi and also Coke, and also most cola flavored soft drinks have actually cinnamon as component of their ingredients. Various other ingredients also include citrus, vanilla, and also nutmeg.

So if friend were trying to find Coke Zero Cinnamon, you would most likely need a time device to take it you ago to 2018 and also then a airplane to get you to the UK.

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Otherwise, because that the moment, you deserve to enjoy cinnamon-flavored constant Coke that generally makes an appearance throughout the vacation season.