Thinking of using coconut for fleas? This guide will walk girlfriend through every little thing you know from A-Z about treating her pet!

We suggest including a little amount that coconut oil to her pup’s food come start.You deserve to use coconut oil both internally and externally, come kill and prevent fleas on your cat or dog. Once your pets ingests a small amount that coconut oil, it will certainly absorb the lauric acid into their body, which can make her cat or dog unappealing to fleas. Rubbing coconut oil on her pet is advantageous as a object treatment.

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You might have to perform a little trial and also error as soon as feeding your cat or dog coconut oil. Usage a tiny amount, about the dimension of a blueberry or even half a blueberry for smaller sized animals. You can mix it into their food or blend it in with one more indulgence, such together nut butter.

If your pet walk not like the taste or odor of coconut oil, try masking that by mix it through peanut butter or almond butter, adding it to a treat-paste, or mixing it in through wet food. Fleas will certainly be repelled by the odor far much more than her pet will certainly be.

External Prevention

If you want to stop harsh flea avoidance treatments, girlfriend can use a small amount the coconut oil to their fur, working it into their coat come spread some of the oil onto your skin. If you use as well much, you have the right to simply wipe the overabundance off with a damp cloth. Coconut oil will be solid in ~ room temperature however melts conveniently in her hands once you rub them together.

Work the coconut oil into your pet’s cloak everywhere, making certain to cover your tummy, sides, back, and also their legs. Fleas can likewise congregate near your pet’s head and also neck, for this reason be sure to get this area, too, in addition to their tail and also ankles.

External Flea Treatment

If her pet already has fleas, girlfriend can aid get rid the them v coconut oil. Make sure to apply the treatment outdoors, as numerous fleas will certainly attempt to jump far from your cat or dog when the coconut oil application begins.

Warm up the coconut oil in her hands, and also coat your hands with the oil, too. Girlfriend will desire to apply much more for the therapy of currently fleas than for prevention. Begin with one section and work your means along her pet’s entire body, massaging in much more coconut oil as you go.

After you cover your cat or dog v coconut oil, usage a flea comb come rake through their fur. Combing her pet’s coat v the coconut oil used will aid remove fleas and also make lock stick to the oil. You can wipe or rinse off the flea comb.

After you complete this process, you can bathe her pet, and then reapply a lighter treatment to prevent further fleas indigenous biting your pet.

Other Remedies

If friend are having actually an concern treating fleas on her pet, there space other methods to assist get rid the them, depending on the circumstance. Listed below are a few guides the may carry out alternate methods of gaining rid that fleas from your pup.

Coconut Oil plunder Up

So, go coconut oil prevent fleas? When provided correctly, coconut oil have the right to be a safe and effective flea avoidance treatment. Through coconut oil, girlfriend don’t have to worry around your pet licking your flea treatment and getting ailing from attention chemicals. Girlfriend can also use coconut oil safely around tiny children and babies.

If fleas space in her house, you can additionally slather a little on yourself, helping to protect your feet and also ankles from bites, while additionally softening her skin. Remember, animals often require time to adjust to anything brand-new in your food, also if the a tiny drop the coconut oil.

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So, start tiny and monitor exactly how your pet handles it if you pick to provide them internal doses. Through coconut oil, you deserve to prevent fleas without the problem of chemical therapies that have the right to injure your animal or worse.