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Noticing a milky-white or clean watery discharge during your pregnancy? You"re not alone. Here"s what that means, why you"re seeing it and what come do.
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Morning sickness, fatigue and those achy, achy feet. Friend knew pregnant was going to come v a entirety host of typical symptoms. But is watery quality discharge par for the food too?

You deserve to breathe a sigh that relief, since clear or white watery discharge throughout pregnancy is completely normal. Not just is it hardly ever a cause for issue — it’s in reality a authorize that your body is working tough to keep you and your infant healthy.

Here’s the lowdown on watery discharge during pregnancy and also when you require to carry it up with your doctor.

What is watery discharge during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, her vagina secretes a thin milky-white discharge dubbed leukorrhea. It’s a lot prefer the discharge you might have between periods, only heavier.

Leukorrhea usually is composed of sloughed-off dead cells and also tissue. And the more along into your pregnant you get, the much more watery discharge you’ll most likely have.

What go watery discharge throughout pregnancy mean?

Watery discharge is a fully normal component of pregnancy, and also it generally gets heavier as your pregnancy progresses. In fact, very heavy discharge towards the finish of your 3rd trimester could be a authorize that her body is preparing to get in labor.

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When you’re expecting, greater levels that thepregnancy hormone estrogen cause an ext blood to circulation to her pelvic area. That enhanced blood flow stimulates the body’s mucous membranes, i beg your pardon in turn reasons the extra discharge.

But watery discharge throughout pregnancy is not just a meaningless symptom. Leukorrhea gets rid of out dead cells in the vagina, which help maintain healthy and balanced bacteria in the bear canal and protect you and also your infant from infection.

What does watery discharge watch like?

You might feel that in your underwear, yet visually, leukorrhea isn’t all that noticeable. It has tendency have:
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