The insurance claim that the Senate decimal Leader has actually a surprise weapons allow is based on one single unsourced article.

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Published28 February 2018

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The photo is real, but it walk not present Schumer utilizing his own firearm, nor does it have actually anything to carry out with claimed concealed bring permit. It dates earlier to 1994, as soon as Schumer and other lawmakers suggested for a half on attack weapons at a media occasion in Washington, D.C. The senator fired the weapon, a Tec-9 pistol, in an attempt to show the threats of the weapon. Both the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune published editorials at the moment that criticized the demonstration, arguing that it just muddied the waters on the issue:

Politicians don’t feel obliged come smoke crack on camera to demonstrate the dangers of drug abuse or gain behind the wheel the a automobile after numerous drinks come inveigh versus drunk driving. However Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen and also House Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) somehow couldn’t discover a means to rouse windy concern about “assault weapons” there is no firing off a couple of rounds in ~ a Washington police target range.

I imagine the impact was no what they had intended. A lot of Americans who saw Bentsen with his AR-15 rifle and Schumer through his Tec-9 pistol most likely exclaimed, “Say, the looks prefer fun!” others may have actually concluded that the demonstration just dramatized the folly of permitting dangerous tools in the hand of anyone associated to the commonwealth government.

The claim that Schumer was or is licensed to lug a hidden weapon has showed up online for several years. We have seen this claim posted top top numerous web sites, blogs, web forums, and also social media sites, however we have actually yet come encounter any type of evidence to back it up. 

It seems to have originated in a September 2005 write-up published on a blog called The author, Jim Kouri, is a conservative media personality who cases to it is in a previous chief of police on his MuckRack profile. However — as far as we can tell — Kouri never worked as a police chief, however rather as a director of windy safety and also police services for the new York State division of Housing and Community Renewal.

Kouri claimed that “a examine of Pistol patent records” revealed the Schumer had an “unrestricted” pistol permit, but detailed no information about how these documents were acquired or any kind of evidence the Schumer was indeed detailed in this database. He additionally claimed that this rumor was originally pushed by conservative radio host Mark Levin, but again, provided no documentation to show when and also where Levin allegedly made this comment:

At the very same time, there space outspoken opponents of total ownership, such as Senators lining Schumer (D-NY) and also Diane Feinstein (D-CA), who space carrying covert weapons, according to WABC Radio’s mark Levin. Levin, a well-known constitutional expert, heads the Landmark legal Foundation. The LLF’s score is to protect American’s indigenous unreasonable and illegal government intrusions and violations of the united state Constitution, including the second Amendment.

At the exact same time, there are outspoken opponents of pistol ownership, such as Senators lining Schumer (D-NY) and also Diane Feinstein (D-CA), who are carrying concealed weapons, according to WABC Radio’s note Levin. Levin, a well-known constitutional expert, heads the Landmark legit Foundation. The LLF’s goal is to defend American’s native unreasonable and also illegal federal government intrusions and violations of the united state Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment.

If Levin did truly make such a explain (he did chastise Sen. Diane Feinstein in 2005 for having a concealed carry permit, something she go have, however got to escape of in 2012), that is no a case that that has often repeated. We found no record of Levin accusing Schumer of having a concealed carry permit before the publishing of Kouri’s article, no one at any kind of other time since. 

Kouri, top top the other hand, has repeated this case in at least two subsequent articles: One released in 2012 and another in 2016. Interestingly, the 2016 item parroted a list of an ext than 2 dozen Democrats who owned guns from short-lived right-leaning news site, which was based on data from USA Today and did not incorporate Schumer’s name. 

The unfounded rumor gained more comprehensive attention in 2010 once Republican senate candidate Jay Townsend repetitive it throughout a debate with Schumer. The brand-new York Senator responded by saying the he did not very own a gun, nor did he have a license for one:

“I am also curious about one thing: ns did read and I to be understanding, for the record, the Senator Schumer is license is granted to bring a surprise hand gun,” Townsend said.

“That is another example of misstatement by mine opponent,” Schumer immediately replied. “It is absolutely not true.”

There to be a momentary pause, broken by NY1’s Bobby Cuza, one of the dispute panelists.

“….you’re not moving a gun,” he asked Schumer, come laughs.

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“Nor am i licensed!” The councilor re-iterated.

Schumer’s push office confirmed that the senator go not have a concealed weapons permit at the time by sharing a letter indigenous Susan Petito, the Assistant Commissioner the Intergovernmental Affairs:


“This letter will confirm the a evaluation of the records of the License division of the new York City Police department reveals the there are no pending handgun license applications filed by, and no hangun licenses issued to, senator Charles Schumer or Ms. Iris Weinshall.”

Townsend command the media to an write-up published ~ above American daily in 2005 to assistance his claim that Schumer to be licensed. That American day-to-day article, however, was just a reprint of Kouri’s initial opinion item which readily available no proof to support its claim. 

A spokesperson told us that Schumer has not applied for or obtained a pistol license because this letter was sent out in 2009. We got to out come the NYPD to check this information, yet did not hear ago by press time.