upper and lower reversal Or Flop: every The Plastic Surgeries Christina Anstead had Over The Years flip Or Flop star Christina Anstead refutes the claims of cosmetic procedures, but her images suggest the she has obtained botox, boob and also lip job.

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Flip Or Flop star Christina Anstead
although Flip Or Flop star Christina Anstead denies undergoing any type of cosmetic procedures, fans have noticed some alters in her face and body. So, let"s watch her before and after picture and number out what adjustments she had over the last couple of years.

After perfect college, Christina ventured into the real estate industry, where she met she now- ex-husband Tarek El Moussa. In 2012, the husband-wife duo signed a resolve HGTV, and also by 2013 they struggle the small screen. The mommy of three ended up being one that the most talked-about fact TV celebrities in California. And also being a Hollywood and reality TV star, that isn"t inexplicable to walk for cosmetic treatments on the face and body. The changes in Christina"s face and also body are rather minimal, yet before and after pictures suggest three modifications. So, let"s have a watch at all the artificial enhancements the she can have done. 

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The most far-reaching change that one can notification is her bosom. Numerous onlookers deserve to see that Christina"s breasts have readjusted in size and form. A slight adjust in she boobs is justified since she has actually three youngsters - 2 from her first husband - Taylor and Brayden El Moussa, and also a son, Hudson Anstead, with her 2nd husband, Ant Anstead. Still, the seems like the genuine estate agent has undergone breast augmentation surgical treatment to get breast implants, making her boobs watch bigger and fuller. Earlier, lock didn"t seem together noticeable together they appear now. Check out the snapshot below:

Flip Or Flop - Christina Anstead Boobs
Christina is likewise rumored to have botox injections come conceal she age. The actual estate expert is 37 years old at the moment, and one deserve to hardly discover a wrinkle on she face. In fact, her skin looks as great and youthful as twenty years old. That makes numerous Flip Or Flop fans speculate if she has been gaining botox injections come treat she wrinkles. Check out the picture below the she has actually recently posted on she Instagram. Doesn"t she look quite young for a 37-year-old woman?

pinkdustcosmetics because that the makeup tutorial we did today! EYES: brand-new Blushing Bride color pension (on sale tomorrow), deluxe Mascara. Utilizing All around Eyes Brush Set. Brows: Brunette Precision Brow Pencil. FACE: Light/Medium double Action Concealer(using Duo Fiber Concealer Brush), Mineral picture Touch foundation in Vanilla Cream using Duo Fiber foundation Brush, Bright eye Under Eye Powder, Cream Mineral flour Foundation, using large Dome Brush. CHEEKS: small Bronzer, climbed Gold small Blush, Glisten Highlighter, utilizing Angled Contour/Blush Brush. LIPS: perfectly Pale Pink Combo. (Guava Liner, Priscilla Lipstick, Pink Puff Plumping Gloss.

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Apart from an invasive treatment choose breast enhancements, it looks prefer the blonde bombshell has additionally got lip fillers or a momentary lip job. Looking in ~ the HGTV star"s enlarge pictures, one have the right to see that she had thin lips, specifically the top one. However, now, she shows up to have more fullness and plumpness in her lips. No doubt, her new lips watch fabulous! Flip Or Flop"s Christina doesn"t expropriate the cases of experience a surgeon"s knife to boost her appearance. She credits her beauty come makeup and skincare products. 

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