august 18, 2021 - 13:46 BST Hannah Hargrave Christina Aguilera left pan in shock with rare photos of she young daughter which she mutual for a heartfelt reason

Christina Aguilera is used to do waves v her music however it to be her family members who led to the stir on Wednesday.

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The Genie in a party hitmaker remained in an emotional mood together she celebrated something very special with her youngest child, Summer, and fans to be amazed in ~ the photos she common on Instagram.

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The proud parent usually keeps she two children out the the spotlight yet she placed her daughter front and also centre to pay tribute to her on she seventh birthday.

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In the adorable and rare photos, Christina was cuddling Summer, who was put on an Xtina T-shirt and also a wide smile. Others proved the little girl giggling v her well known mother and also pulling part silly deals with too.

The choice showcased the happy home life she has with Christina, her dad, Matthew Rutler and with the star"s firstborn, 13-year-old, Max, too.

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Christina penned a poignant message to Summer alongside the images which read: "We"re celebrate Summer Rain all week and Leo lioness power all month.

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Christina common several images of she adorable daughter

"Happy 7th birthday my sweet, thoughtful, funny, creative, soulful, colorful spirit…time moves too fast however every year I"m so in awe the the beautiful human being you are and also continue to thrive to be!

"You room so love by all around you and also inspire us to watch the human being brighter due to the fact that of you and also the special energy you radiate! Mommy loves girlfriend so much!"

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Fans rushed to congratulate Summer on she birthday however many to be stunned at exactly how much she had actually grown up. "Happy birthday Summer Rain! yet seriously- do time stop!" wrote one, while one more shared their disbelief and added: "Growing increase SO quickly."

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