Chris Watts eliminated his pregnant mam Shanann and their two daughters three years ago, a still-shocking crime that shattered those who assumed they knew the picture-perfect young family.

Shanann Watts/2020/Netflix

From the outside, the Watts household was rather adorable. 

Shanann Watts frequently recorded their charming domestic exploits in small-town Colorado because that social media, aided and also abetted through her two young daughters, Bella Marie and also Celeste Cathryn, and also telegenic husband Chris, who might be seen in his wife's on facebook videos conveniently agreeing to post-cookie-baking cleanup or scooping his girl up for big hugs.

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"Happy Husband evaluation Day! i couldn't imagine a better man for us," Shanann captioned one Instagram post in April 2018. "You spoil us with love attention! You placed up through 3 impatient, demanding women in the house. You job-related so hard day-to-day to provide for us. I love friend so much."

Chris and Shanann met in 2010 in their residence state of north Carolina and got married on Nov. 3, 2012. During a pilgrimage out west, they fell in love with the scenery and overall vibe of Frederick, Colo., (pop. 8,709) and moved right into a spacious five-bedroom residence that castle promptly began to to fill up. They welcomed Bella ~ above Dec. 17, 2013, and her sister, dubbed Cece because that short, was born July 17, 2015.

And Shanann was pregnant with their 3rd child, a boy they were going to name Nico, when Chris watts killed all of them.

Because in the case of the watt family, looks—which space so often deceiving—were masking the unraveling that Chris and also Shanann's marriage, she attempts to hold their way of living together and also his decrease that led to the worst act imaginable.

"If i was thinking, this wouldn't have happened," Watts—who to be 33 as soon as he strangled Shanann, 34, and smothered Bella, 4, and also Cece, 3, top top Aug. 13, 2018—told police later.

But having actually desperate, homicidal thoughts isn't the exact same as not thinking. And while he claimed he had actually not to plan to kill his family, he invested a lengthy time life a lie—though it take it barely 48 hours after the killings for the jail of his own architecture to near in ~ above him.

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On Aug. 14, a Tuesday, he told Denver 7 News outside his house that Shanann had returned native the airport after ~ a company trip come Arizona at 2 a.m. The job before. The was currently in bed and also then that left for his job with Anadarko Petroleum—"They respect him, which is huge, for any kind of job that you have," Shanann stated of she husband's employer in a facebook video—at around 5:15 a.m.

Chris stated he'd texted his mam a couple of times that morning, acquiring no reply, which that chalked up to her gift busy, and also at 12:10 p.m. Her girlfriend Nickole Atkinson showed up in ~ the house. Shanann wasn't returning her messages, either. Nickole called Chris, that said, "and that's once I come home and also then walked in the home and...nothing was here...I mean, she wasn't here, the children weren't here, nobody to be here."