CHRIS O"DONNELL plays top agent Callen in CBS drama NCIS: Los Angeles. However when walk they show up in the show and also who go the actor"s children play?


Chris O"Donnell children: that did the actor"s youngsters play in NCIS LA? (Image: CBS)


Chris O"Donnell: The actor"s real-life daughter Lily O"Donnell play his sister Amy Callen. (Image: CBS)

For years, Callen had wondered what happened to his sister Amy as soon as someone called Amy Callen showed up.

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But it was later on revealed this wasn’t his sister however a childhood girlfriend of Amy’s referred to as Hannah Lawson.

The mrs took Amy’s name after she accidentally drowning while playing in a park and also was buried in a dig under Hannah’s name.

When Hannah explained what happened, flashback moment were presented of the day once Amy died.

The young girl showing Amy in these scenes are Lily O’Donnell, O"Donnell"s real-life daughter.

Acgendergeek.orgrding to IMDB, this has been her only acting function to date.

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Chris O"Donnell: The NCIS LA star has five children, four of i m sorry have showed up in the drama. (Image: Getty)

She isn’t the only one of O’Donnell’s children to have been inNCIS: Los Angeles either.

Her younger brothers Charlie O’Donnell depicted a younger version of his father both in the series two finale and the season three premiere.

Charlie made one more appearance in the drama as a character dubbed Michael Donnelly.

He play the child of a KristinDonnelly (Audrey Marie Anderson), a woman Callen met when posing together Jason Tedrow in 2010’s previous Lives.

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O’Donnell has actually five kids in total with wife Caroline and four that them have been inNCIS: LA.

His youngest Maeve showed up in 2015 during the episode gendergeek.orgmmand and also gendergeek.orgntrol.

O’Donnell’s other son do his exhilaration debut in 2011 and also reportedly played a young Callen in believe Soldiers and also Lange, H.

His other son Christopher hasn’t played a part in NCIS: LA as of yet yet this gendergeek.orguld readjust in the future.

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Talking about his daughter Maeve’s part in NCIS: LA to Entertainment Tonight, O’Donnell said: “She had actually one tiny line and also she would rehearse it in ~ home.

“She to be a tiny nervous when she obtained there yet then she came down on my trailer and also they put a big star with her name on the board.”

Maybe gendergeek.orgllection 12 will watch O’Donnell’s 5th child Christopher partake in the family tradition.

NCIS: LosAngeles season 12 is obtainable to clock on ABC.

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