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New Jersey Gov. Kris Christie’s recent transforms to the state’s education and learning policy don’t exactly quell rumors the he plan to enter the 2016 GOP presidential field.

On may 28, Christie announced the finish of the existing typical Core requirements in new Jersey.

"It"s now been five years because Common core was adopted. And also the truth is that it"s merely not working," that said. "Instead of solving troubles in our classrooms, it is creating brand-new ones."

This is no the an initial time movie critics have accused Christie that flip-flopping on typical Core -- the state-based educational criter aimed at improving students readiness because that college and also workplace. (Read our past fact-checks of insurance claims and flops relating to common Core.)

Christie’s decision to nix common Core is no unexpected, yet it is notable considering his initial stance in assistance of the standards. "This is just one of those areas where i have agreed an ext with the the president 보다 not," Christie stated in 2011, a year ~ he imposed them in brand-new Jersey.

With an upcoming presidential campaign seeming increasingly likely, we determined to inspect how Christie’s position on common Core registers on our Flip-O-Meter. The is necessary to note that we space not passing referee on decision to adjust positions. Rather, we are just determining whether they did.

Christie in support of usual Core

Common core was set into motion in June 2009 as a collaboration between 49 states and territories. Christie signed off on the standards, and brand-new Jersey adopted them in 2010.

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In September 2011, the Christie management and brand-new Jersey acting education Commissioner chris Cerf worked to perform the standards. Christie praised common Core requirements as "a building block in ours state’s education and learning system meant to ensure that teachers and districts have the right to innovate within a framework of high expectations and accountability."

Common Core criter were set to be imposed over a three-year period, and also the state room of Education available 300 presentations within the first year to provide educators v information around the new initiative.

In respectable 2013, Christie preserved a hopeful view of the standards. "We’re doing typical Core in new Jersey and also are going come continue," that said. That attributed majority Republican opposition come the standards as a "knee-jerk reaction … that if the president likes something, the republic in conference don’t."