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Grand Canyon, AZ- grand Canyon nationwide Park and Yuntaishan Geopark from the Henan province of China renewed their five-year sister Park agreement on Tuesday, may 23, 2017.Grand Canyon Deputy Superintendent Brian Drapeaux and also Yuntaishan Park manager Jin Guibin signed the commitment at a consciousness at grand Canyon"s Shoshone Point. The gateway city the Jiaozuo"s Vice mayor Yang Quingjiu, Yuntaishan interpreters and also staff, to represent from tourism bureaus, university professors, and local city government officials traveled to cool Canyon to take part in the ceremony. Cool Canyon nationwide Park management staff and representatives from grand Canyon Association, Tusayan room of Commerce, Tusayan town Council and also Arizona Office of Tourism additionally witnessed the consciousness at one of Grand Canyon"s most unique overlooks.The sisters Park Agreement in between Grand Canyon nationwide Park and also Yuntaishan Geopark was originally signed on November 1, 2007 in Yuntaishan, China. Lot like cool Canyon, Yuntaishan is well known for the canyons and gorges formed by erosion from rivers top top layered rock. In addition, similarity in visitation and natural and cultural resources between the two parks were main determinants that created this covenant as a worthwhile undertaking for both parks.The agreement allows for an intellectual exchange, international cooperation, and also support because that the mutual advantage of both parks to enrich the cultivate of park staff and also visitor experience. This connection grants both parks come share firsthand information on a selection of topics including national park management, resource conservation, education, companion organizations, friend groups, cooperation with gateway communities and local economies. This is primarily achieved through the exchange of skilled knowledge, maintain opportunities, employee exchanges and conferences.During the very first 5 years of grand Canyon"s sisters Park agreement, cool Canyon staff saw Yuntaishan and also presented in ~ conferences focused on interpretation and also sustainable development. In return, Yuntaishan geologists traveled to cool Canyon and also met v park geologists and attended a Geoscience Symposium.

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End the years, employee from both parks have had actually the opportunity to travel and also learn about the various other park"s culture, interpretive techniques, and also educational outreach. At grand Canyon, the sister Park plan has noted a variety of details on how to enhance outreach and also betterserve the increasing variety of Chinese tourists to grand Canyon.Over the next 5 years, grand Canyon hopes to continue collaborating v Yuntaishan and exchanging understanding to boost the park"s interpretive and also educational outreach, search and also rescue program, and also operational leadership.