Over the past year, grabbing an sometimes restaurant distribution has turned right into a regular component of life. In stimulate to continue to be afloat, a wide variety of restaurants turned come a delivery service model come weather the pandemic and have partnered with delivery services come ensure the ideal customer experience possible (via Forbes). While we love the convenience, delivery comes with a cost. Follow to Tech Crunch, smooth tacks 17 percent more onto orders loved one to the restaurant perform price. This amount seems modest when compared to Uber Eats, which can price 29.7 percent extra, or Postmates, wherein you might pay 40.5 percent more.

Restaurants have come to the rescue, through some offering streamlined ordering directly from them. Chick-fil-A led the charge and helped create an in-house distribution team with their application (as well as partnerships with companies like Uber Eats) come get quick food chicken directly to us (via Chick-Fil-A, QSR). If this service seems foolproof, sometimes problems slip v the cracks. 

Redditor u/nikesw005h encountered the wildest obstacle when they tried to order with the Chick-fil-A app (via Reddit). They posted a photo of the error message they received when they test to ar their order, displaying the text: "Sorry this restaurant has a minimum delivery order lot of $1,000." This message has predictably stumped Chick-fil-A fans.

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A flurry of puzzled chicken fans have flooded the post, which has so far collected almost 200 upvotes. One user chimed in with, "I"m certain the team is functioning on addressing this! Looks favor that restaurant has actually a 10 dollar minimum," while another user responded through "Um. What? It"s the minimum price. A $100 minimum would certainly be insane! That"s like, large catering order only. A $10 minimum is much much more reasonable. And YET many combos are only $7-$9 <...> many an easy orders would certainly not be eligible because that delivery." This train the thought resulted in the many logical conclusion because that the high price encapsulated in the comment: "Lol yes a lot of stores only provide catering orders."

While we can"t ascertain precisely what led to this massive minimum delivery amount, the idea the the Chick-fil-A in question only does catering requests appears the most likely answer.

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According to Chick-fil-A, they are still just testing shipment services at choose restaurants, so not everybody will be in their range. When we have actually no idea what happened with this shipment minimum, we have the right to only hope our regional Chick-fil-A doesn"t start making us pay a minimum that $1,000 every order.