This is a usual occurrence in food delivery apps. They might waive the delivery fee, however they still have price surcharge on using the service. This isn't a Chick-fil-A issue. It's DoorDash's benefit margins. Chick-fil-A is waiving shipment fees (aka, extending the cost for you).

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Search the internet and you'll uncover plenty of these complaints native customers and restaurants, part who have actually lost business since of the up-pricing and/or placing restaurants ~ above an application without permission, making use of wrong menus, etc.

This no DoorDash. This is in the Chick-fil-A app and also is Chick-fil-A law the delivery. Castle are testing doing your own shipment in select markets.

And freshly DoorDash has actually moved come letting merchants set their prices. Therefore in case where it’s larger, the the restaurants including that on. Inspect the bottom on the DoorDash application when friend look in ~ a restaurant. It will tell if friend the vendor set the prices.

If you REALLY desire to follow a rabbit hole that shady ass shit, look increase Grubhub and Yelp’s new business practices.

I offered the totally free delivery rewards last week, the price is the exact same as the one in store. I think it may be from various area

Mine was lot higher. $1.19 extra ~ above chicken egg and also cheese bagel added and $1.56 added to chicken biscuit meal. Lock claim totally free delivery and also then ask because that a tip too. It’s simply messed up that they act like you’re getting a reward when the prices room jacked increase anyway

It’s somewhat choose this at Hobby Airport. You can’t buy a meal. Every item is personally sold. Ends up being around two bucks much more overall.

I keep gaining offered cost-free delivery indigenous a c-fila location and also my home is exterior the radius for this reason they never gain used. The stupid.

Yeah us cater from chick fil a and also I i found it this the critical time ns ordered and picked it up myself for this reason it’s been favor this on the catering side of the application for at least a pair years

I’ve evidenced this too. No DoorDash, just direct from ChickRipOff. About a 30% markup on food prices, and also that’s prior to driver tip and also delivery fee. I don’t mind paying extra for service, but don’t hide the in the food price. SHADY!

I obtained a "free distribution reward" in mine chick-fil-a app, and was do the efforts to use it today. Noticed the Chicken Sandwich is $5.29 in the restaurant... There room 4 options for delivery... $6.85 ~ above Doordash with totally free delivery... $6.85 on UberEat through $0.99 delivery... $6.85 top top Postmates v $2.99 delivery... No Grubhub to my address...

So +30% ~ above the sandwich itself, plus a lot of of delivery fee depending upon who friend select, to add tips. Don't think ns will ever before use this "reward".

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It’s illegal to industry like that. They can not up charge the food item once it prices less. Castle are supposed to list separately. Someone might get into trouble if report to suitable place.


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