Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed a legislation requiring global background checks even for private sales and helps the Illinois State Police seize firearms from human being with revoked firearm licenses.

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Gov. J.B. Pritzker stop up new gun reform regulation signed right into law Monday in ~ the Aurora Police Department. Screenshot
The state’s gun laws will now require universal background checks on all gun sales — consisting of private sales — under legislation signed into law through Gov. J.B. Pritzker top top Monday.

“In an America, where gun violence has come to be a scourge come so countless neighborhoods, Illinois is taking a commonsense technique to reform and we’re law so through votes native both sides of the aisle,” Pritzker said. “I pray, and also I really perform pray, that not a job too soon the country will follow Illinois’ lead.”

The legislation’s an essential feature of expanding background check on all gun sales put an end to what Pritzker dubbed “a fatal loophole” that happens with exclusive sales. These transactions will certainly now have to adhere to commonwealth background checks.

“Prior to this adjust people v dangerous backgrounds who shouldn’t possess a weapon — and the Illinois State Police denies firearm patent to hundreds of these individuals a year — can avoid detection through a private sale,” Pritzker said. “That’s a deadly loophole, and also in Illinois, we space closing that under for good.”

Illinois State Police manager Brendan Kelly said before the law a person selling a gun privately would simply need to verify a person had actually a precious Firearm owners Identification card online.

“That did no cover every the federal requirements that exist when someone go in to acquisition a firearm in ~ a federally license is granted firearm dealer,” Kelly said. “What this process does, and also with the transforms in this legislation, will mirror now those commonwealth requirements.”

Universal elevator checks because that firearm sales will begin in 2024.

The regulation will likewise invest in community-based mental health programs in neighborhoods most impacted by pistol violence. The will develop a stolen gun database and also will need ISP to monitor state and also federal databases for prohibited gun buyers.

It also streamlines the FOID card device by permitting ISP to create electronic records that merged FOID and also concealed carry licenses. This provides cardholders the opportunity to apply for renewals 6 months before the expiration date and establishes a expert appeals board.

State Sen. Dave Koehler, D-Peoria, claimed it was vital to win a balance that kept guns out the hand of dangerous people while likewise not punishing responsible total owners.

“As a responsible pistol owner myself, I want to make certain the FOID renewal procedure is fair and timely,” claimed Koehler, a co-sponsor that the bill. “But ns think something that we can agree on together a typical interest is the we should make certain that our neighborhoods are safer, whether it it is in rural or urban, upstate or downstate, our communities have to be made safer.”

The bill was signed in ~ the Aurora Police department in honor of those killed throughout a 2019 mass shooting in ~ an Aurora factory. Gary Martin, 45, had brought a .40-caliber handgun to occupational the job he to be fired and also went top top a shooting spree that killed five people and also injured six others.

Martin’s total should’ve to be seized year earlier due to a revoked FOID card due to the fact that of his criminal record.

This regulation will mandate ISP take revoked FOID cards and remove firearms from people who have actually lost their licenses because that gun ownership. It will certainly also assist fund ISP’s initiatives from FOID map fees.

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Illinois residence Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch claimed this law “will save lives” and will stop an Aurora-style mass shoot in the future.

“State police will certainly monitor the state and also federal crime databases to to compare them through our FOID patent holders and also can initiate revocation proceedings,” Welch said. “This will certainly ensure the those who are a risk to us or others will certainly not have a firearm.”