Electric vehicles (EVs) room growing an ext and more popular together the population strives come become an ext eco-friendly. In enhancement to this, owning an electric auto saves as much as $632 a year as opposed to owning a gasoline vehicle. That’s why we’re excited come talk around these Chevy EV rumors and speculations. We’re not just talking about cars and hatchbacks now. Chevy wants to broaden by creating electric trucks, SUVs, and also more. If you’re planning on visiting a Chevy dealer in Houston, you’ll desire to store an eye the end for several of these recently announced Chevy EV products.

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While there’s a many that’s tho unknown increase Chevy’s to plan EV lineup, we have likewise gotten some Chevy EV sneak peeks and confirmations as well. Today, we’ll look in ~ what Chevy has currently done, what we know so far, along with some speculations around these new Chevy EVs. However first, let’s talk around the benefits of EVs as a whole.

EV Benefits

When you purchase an EV, you’re taking one big step into aiding climate change. Since EVs create fewer emissions, you’re removing smog, helping animals, and rebuilding the ozone layer. Yet you’re not simply saving the planet as soon as you acquisition an EV. You’re likewise saving a lot of time and also money in ~ the gas station. As soon as you purchase an electric vehicle, you can simply fee it overnight v an at-home charger. This way, your work-related commute will certainly be free of gas station stops unless you decide you desire a snack or drink. Oh, and also charging deserve to also aid save the earth thanks to brand-new solar-powered and also wind-powered charging stations.

Speaking the charging stations, Chevy isn’t just creating a bunch of EVs without adding much more to the larger picture. Basic Motors plans on installing end 2,700 public fast-chargers end the next five years. These varieties of chargers are ideal for vacations and long roadway trips or for those who live in apartments and also can’t download their own charger.


Chevy’s road to the Future

Chevrolet began its electric journey every the method back in 1964 with the battery-powered Electrovair prototype. This was complied with by a variety of other prototypes that culminated in the commercially available 1996 EV1. However, Chevy’s work in electric vehicles really took turn off in 2011 v the arrival of its first plug-in hybrid edition, the Chevy Volt. This was among the best-selling hybrids out there at the time. The Volt noted an easy change into the electric world for gasoline drivers, but unlike various other hybrids, it readily available a 53-mile electrical driving range, do it feasible to make brief commutes entirely on electrical power only. Its capacity to usage both electric charge and also gasoline do the believed of EVs much much more conceivable. Now, Chevy is taking its 60 year of endure with electric vehicles and applying that expertise to its new EV lineup.


We’ll start off v some speculation around the upcoming Chevy EVs. There have actually been a few subtle hints by Chevrolet about what vehicles will be released. GM is plan to release 30 EV models through 2025, few of which are confirmed, but many that still continue to be unannounced. There’s still a Chevy design that hasn’t to be confirmed, and some people believe that it might be an electric Corvette-themed EV SUV. This is partly due to the fact that Chevy’s biggest competitor, Ford, released an EV SUV variation of the Mustang that has had vast success. In between that and the reality that Chevy has proclaimed that lock will deliver EVs in the sports auto category, us are brought about the possibility that castle may carry the Corvette style over come an SUV. This is pure speculation, but it’s feather pretty likely at this point.

What us Know

Now let’s look in ~ some evidenced facts. Chevy is developing an electric truck the was originally claimed to relax in 2025. However, the date could be moved up or moved back. When there space no released specifications, us do understand that the truck will certainly have more battery power than the mean EV. Chevy did recently display screen a mockup of this truck at an investor meeting, and unlike some contending electric trucks (looking at you Tesla Cybertruck), the Chevy architecture sports practical and traditional looks that will certainly not be the end of ar alongside the Silverado or Colorado.

GM additionally wants their EVs to it is in affordable. When Tesla is known for the high prices, Chevy wants to develop EVs the the very same caliber, however in a means that’s affordable for typical buyers. While it is unlikely the the Chevy electrical truck will have actually a beginning price as low as the $28,600 MSRP the the 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500, that is likely that Chevy plans to provide affordable pricing that’s much an ext reasonable 보다 its competitors like Tesla.

The Bolt EV

Now, let’s talk about Chevy’s current electric hatchback, the 2021 Bolt EV. This small compact auto is qualified of steering 259 mile on pure electricity, and also it comes through an 8-year battery warranty. It’s affordable, starting out at just $36,500, and it comes through driver-assist attributes such together HD surround vision, lane save assist and also lane leave warning, front collision alert, front pedestrian braking, lane readjust and side remote zone alert, behind park assist, and teen driver mode, come name just some of its safety and security features. It contains solar-absorbing glass, and it also comes with heated outside mirrors with rotate signal indicators. This compact car is packed full of contemporary features and also for a very affordable price.

So, that leaves us with some speculations neighboring the confirmed 2022 Bolt EV. The model has pretty lot remained unmodified over the past few years, yet Chevy has proclaimed that they plan on redesigning the Bolt EV because that 2022. We understand that there will be interior and exterior upgrades, along with making the Bolt a little larger. If you preferred the Bolt before, you’re sure to prefer the 2022 variation of it. And also if friend weren’t wild about the Bolt in the very first place, the 2022 model might be worth providing it a second chance.

The Bolt EUV


Not come be perplexed with the Bolt EV, the 2022 Bolt EUV will be an SUV variation of the original Chevy Bolt. We know quite a bit about this design at this point, including the truth that it will incorporate hands-free control options. That’s right, the Bolt EUV includes Super Cruise, which way it provides automatic driving. It’s not completely autonomous, and also you still need to pay attention to the road, however it offers hands-free driving together an assistance option on details mapped highways. This is a large step towards automatic driving in Chevy’s future. Basically, this EUV will steer and accelerate because that you, but it might not catch every small detail. So, girlfriend still need to stay aware and not just go to sleep in ~ the wheel. Nonetheless, this is an impressive new feature.

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