Giving another glimpse! One month after reflecting his daughter Everly’s confront via Instagram because that the very first time, Channing Tatum posted another picture of the 8-year-old.

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“Missing this tiny light being,” the actor, 41, captioned a black-and-white photo of his and also Jenna Dewan’s daughter top top his Instagram Story.


Channing Tatum. Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

The Magic Mike star and also his ex-wife, 40, invited their infant girl in may 2013. Dewan is additionally the mother of boy Callum, 16 months, through fiancé Steve Kazee. If the Flirty Dancing organize has presented the toddler’s challenge on social media since his march 2020 arrival, she and also Tatum formerly hid Everly from their followers.

In June, however, the Gracefully You author shared a throwback photo of she eldest son staring in ~ the camera. “Look at this #tbt my phone simply showed me,” the Connecticut native captioned the social media upload. “What a slice of life here. Ns love gift a mama.”


Channing Tatum’s daughter, Everly. Courtesy that Channing Tatum/Instagram

Tatum also showed Everly critical month throughout a beach trip, calling her his “everything.”

The former stripper gushed via Instagram: “You room my world and also my heart. You to be looking in ~ the full moon in this pic and telling me the prophecy of the full moon mermaid and also then us ran right into the water and looked because that her and played v glow rod in the night water calling out to the mermaids. You stated you touched a bald-headed mermaid and saw a tail. Haha someday you will read this, and also I hope laugh. We have fun. Hehehe.”

Since dividing from Dewan in 2018, the Alabama native has been adjusting to solitary parenting. In April, he told Parents magazine the the duty came v “a many fear.”

“I didn’t wear pond polish or know just how to braid hair. But now I carry out both,” the Hateful Eight star told the outlet, noting the he is “rarely” checked out without a costume on. “I jumped v both feet right into this miracle world, and I to be rewarded v a kind of love that i don’t think I would have ever been may be to have actually otherwise.”

Everly even inspired she dad’s debut book, The One and Only Sparkella, and also Tatum revealed that his daughter “is just like Sparkella … on countless levels.”

The 22 run Street star defined at the time: “Evie loves to play tricks, wear stunner outfits and also be different from everyone. She’s bold, beautiful and magical in every way. We played a many in her room end quarantine, and also it aided flesh the end the story. Even when i was house alone, I would find things of hers that offered me one idea. Once, i sat top top the sofa, and her fairy wand grounding me in the butt.”

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