Very little is known about Casey Anthony‘s brother, Lee Anthony, in the years since her headline-making trial in 2011, however all we understand is that they walk not have actually a usual brother-sister connection — and Lee played a very large role in the method her trial culminated.

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Casey was dealing with charges in the 2008 death of she daughter, Caylee Anthony, and Casey’s very own brother take it the stand against her. Lee asserted Casey had kept she daughter Caylee from the family since she was a “spiteful bitch.” He additionally described the smell in Casey’s car as “offensive” on the angry stand, and prosecutors thought that it was the smell of a decaying human body allegedly belonging come Caylee.

Following Casey’s acquittal in the killing of her daughter, she has remained out of the spotlight, but the details the the trial space still being rehashed. Some important details about Lee have likewise surfaced during and also since the very publicized trial concerned an end. Keep reading below to find out 5 facts about Lee.


Lee initially owned the auto where Caylee’s body was allegedly placed

Casey’s older brother at first drove the infamous white Pontiac Sunfire that had stains in the trunk whereby prosecutors believed Caylee’s body to be transported. However, he refuse the allegations, declare the stains to be there once the vehicle was to buy in 2000.


Lee was accused of sexually abusing Casey

In attorney Jose Baez‘s opening statements, the accused Lee and Casey’s father, George Anthony, that molesting the defendant. Casey’s former fiancé, Jesse Grund, likewise claimed the she to be “groped” by her brother, saying, “She called me the at one suggest in recent years that she woke up one night with Lee was standing up end her.” DNA results verified neither Lee nor George fathered Caylee, and also they both refuse the allegations.

Casey and Lee have actually a strained relationship

The siblings perform not save in touch anymore, and Casey did not attend Lee’s wedding to mam Mallory Parker in 2012. In her 2017 interview through The linked Press, Casey likewise revealed she doesn’t speak to her parents either.

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“I don’t desire to view her, ns don’t desire to talk to her. I’ve always said that i would never ever talk to mine daughter,” George stated in one interview with Crime watch Daily. “I actually lost my daughter and also my nephew in 2008.”

Lee Anthony is a dad

The Florida indigenous welcomed kid Parker Lee Anthony in 2013. The is not known if Casey has met her nephew or if he has any an ext children.