Person of attention has had actually a pretty interesting fourth season end at CBS, yet now the drama has plans come re-introduce a fan-favorite character. New reports indicate that Taraji P. Henson, that played Detective Joss Carter ~ above the series, has currently headed ago to the person of Interest collection and will appear in a guest capacity during the April 14 episode.

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If you’ve preserved up with human of attention at all, you may be a small shocked ideal now. Partway through the show’s 3rd season, i beg your pardon aired critical year, Henson’s legislation enforcement character Joss Carter was killed off of the series during a shocking episode that featured the record of Alonzo Quinn, although corrupt officer Simmons escaped. He later on showed up and shot both Reese and also Carter, and also the latter passed away in the former’s arms.

It to be a brilliant and also shocking relocate for the TV series, yet it did leaving Carter absolutely dead. So just how will she appear on human being of Interest?

According to TV Guide, Carter’s character will show up on the collection via the many reasonable method possible, popping up on person of attention via flashbacks. The episode, “Terra Incognita,” will feature Reese as he goes on a “perilous” expedition in the effort to resolve a cold situation that troubled Carter for years before her death. Obviously, it would certainly be hard to resolve a cold instance of Carter’s without actually thinking of her in any capacity, and the team thankfully acquired Henson on plank to appear in one an ext episode the the fight drama.

When Taraji P. Henson at first exited person of Interest, that seemed prefer an weird call, as the drama has continuously been just one of CBS’ highest rated programs since it very first hit the schedule in 2011. Thankfully, the actress landed another excellent function right away. This winter, she starred together Cookie Lyon in Fox’s midseason struggle Empire. It’s a regime that allows the actress to be a little more outrageous and wear more appealing garments that Carter had the ability to on person of Interest. Luckily, the drama has already wrapped up for the season, return we carry out know empire will be earlier for Season 2.

Although we are pretty happy Cookie Lyon is now a TV personality, it will be quite to see Henson reprise her human of interest character—especially because it will certainly be in a way that doesn’t incorporate returns native the dead or any kind of other plot the would need suspension that disbelief.

Person that Interest has seen further transforms this season. Just a few months ago, sarah Shahi likewise exited the series in a major way, although she character is open up to return without having actually to do so through flashbacks. Shahi didn’t leave for a different project, however. Instead, a pregnancy led to her come be created out of the series. Human of attention isn’t a drama the shies far from curveballs. Girlfriend can record those curveballs because that yourself once you track in for CBS’ Tuesday night lineup. Human of attention airs in ~ 10 p.m. ET.

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