Carrie Underwood won Season 4 that "American Idol" in 2005 and also went ~ above to come to be one of the top-selling action in nation music.

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Who Is Carrie Underwood?

Singer Carrie Underwood appreciated her very first taste the stardom by win Season 4 of American Idol. She adhered to with the multi-platinum debut album Some Hearts (2005), and went on come win plenty of Grammy, country Music combination (CMA) and also Academy of nation Music (ACM) awards. Underwood was likewise inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 2008, and also has annually co-hosted the CMAs, with Brad Paisley, due to the fact that that year.

Childhood and 'American Idol' Win

Carrie Marie Underwood to be born on in march 10, 1983, in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and raised on a farm. "I had a an extremely happy childhood full of the wonderful basic things that children love to do," Underwood has proclaimed on she website. "Growing increase in the country, I enjoyed things choose playing on dirt roads, climbing trees, catching little woodland creatures and, that course, singing."

After graduating from high school, Underwood attend Northeastern State college in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. There, she specialty in broadcast journalism and temporarily placed aside her desires of coming to be a singer. During her an elderly year, in 2004, Underwood determined to shot out because that American Idol. Not only did she pass that audition, she go on to end up being the winner that the show's fourth season.

'Some Hearts' and Commercial Success

Underwood's debut album, Some Hearts (2005), conveniently went multi-platinum, making the the fastest-selling female country album since the arrival of the Nielsen SoundScan in 1991. Her first single, "Inside your Heaven," fight the optimal of the Billboard pop charts.

Her follow-up single, "Jesus, take it the Wheel," climate shot to the optimal of the nation charts. The song confirmed to be a an important success as well, win Underwood the ACM and CMA awards for single of the Year, together with Grammys for Best Female nation Vocal Performance and Best new Artist.

In contrast to her softer-sounding material, Underwood also had good success through "Before that Cheats," a tale around a straying ex-boyfriend. The single won her a Grammy for ideal Female country Vocal Performance and a CMA award for single of the Year in 2007. That very same year, Underwood released she follow-up album, Carnival Ride. It reached the optimal of the album charts and scored number of No. 1 country hits, including the singles "Last Name" and "All-American Girl."

Grand Ole Opry Inductee

On might 10, 2008, in ~ the age of 26, Underwood was inducted into the cool Ole Opry by country star Garth Brooks, making she the youngest member the the well known institution. Later the year, in September 2008, Underwood winner the CMA Award for Female Vocalist that the Year—for the third consecutive time—for Carnival Ride. She to be nominated because that Album of the Year, however lost the compensation to George Strait. Underwood additionally hosted the CMA Awards v fellow nation star Brad Paisley, kicking off what would become an yearly tradition.

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'Play On' and 'Blown Away'

In February 2009, Underwood winner a Grammy award (Best Female nation Vocal Performance) for her tune "Last Name"—her fourth Grammy in 3 years. In November 2009, she obtained two more CMA nominations, for Female Vocalist the the Year and Musical event of the Year.

A couple of weeks before the CMAs, Underwood had actually released her third studio album, Play On, which developed three chart-topping tracks: "Cowboy Casanova," "Temporary Home" and "Undo It." The singer complied with that success with Blown Away, released in might 2012, which had actually sold more than 1.4 million duplicates by the complying with year. The album's hits encompass "Blown Away," "Good Girl" and also "Two black Cadillacs."