Over the past couple of years, Candace Owens has actually had plenty of important conversations ~ above the issue of race relationships with a powerful lineup the guests. In this special compilation episode, watch some of the most insightful moments and also best discussions that racial concerns from The Candace Owens Show.Subscribe so you never miss a new episode! 👉 https://www.prageru.com/series/candace/Text PRAGERU come 64600 to get notifications.

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Being a feminist today means holding contempt for men, the atom family, motherhood, and femininity—going against everything the initial women's activity stood for. In this distinct compilation episode, Candace Owens and also her guests comment on why modern-day feminism is a departure from securing women’s civil liberties to adopting leftist ideology.Subscribe so you never miss out on a new episode! 👉 https://www.prageru.com/series/candace/...
From the beginning, The Candace Owens display has lugged you an excellent lineup of noteworthy Hollywood guests. In this distinct compilation episode, Candace spotlights the most interesting interviews through memorable sector guests that rebuke left-wing Hollywood's intolerance, hypocrisy, narcissism, and victimhood.Subscribe so you never miss a brand-new episode! 👉 https://www.prageru.com/series/candace/Text PRAGERU come 64600...
The Left has developed a slew of state such together “white guilt” and “white privilege” to jointly judge americans by race. Therefore is there in reality systemic racism in ours country? Carol Swain, previous Professor of political Science and also host of it is in the human being Podcast, and also Candace Owens discuss.
Are American men less masculine than they to be generations before? What environmental determinants are impacting our health, economy, and society? Jacki Deason, hold of “The Jacki everyday Show,” join Candace to discuss these topics and also more.
Cancel culture is damaging Hollywood. Celebrities are shedding their careers since of their political beliefs, a tweet they wrote years ago, or simply for telling a politics incorrect joke. Comedian Bryan Callen join Candace in the studio to comment on the risks of groupthink in entertainment.
Watch some of 2020’s finest moments from The Candace Owens show — a huge year with a powerful lineup the guests. Right here are few of the ideal interviews and also memorable moments. Don’t miss out on it!
Students who organize conservative principles are shunned on the university campus today. Nick Engstrom, a student at Trinity College, shares how he was harassed and also received fatality threats for simply trying to begin a group promoting Western values. Don’t miss his an effective story.
Why are countless Black immigrants from Africa politics conservative? If America is a floor of systemic racism, why are so numerous of them prospering today? Melissa Tate, writer of choice Privilege and also an immigrant indigenous Zimbabwe, join Candace this week to discuss. Don’t miss out on it!Get your copy of an option Privilege here: https://choiceprivilegebook.com/
What does it take for someone to obtain banned from society media? Today, it amounts simply to speak the truth. Brother media personality Katie Hopkins join Candace to talk about the dark road that cancel society and politically exactly speech lead to, and why America should heed warnings from disturbing patterns in the U.K.
Dr. Stella Immanuel to be censored on every social media communication after she questioned the tendency media’s rigid on COVID-19. So why has medicine become so politicized and polarizing? She discusses this and much much more on this illustration of The Candace Owens Show.
In period of microaggressions, emotional assistance animals, and safe spaces, american are coming to be experts in victimhood and entitlement. Adam Corolla, comedian and holder that the Guinness civilization Record because that most-downloaded podcast, joins Candace to comment on the state of a coddled America and also why teaching human being to be victim is the worst thing you have the right to do because that them.Subscribe so girlfriend never miss a new episode! 👉 https://www.prage...
Jeffrey Epstein’s elite trafficking ring has actually been spanned up by the media and the powerful. So what is the truth about Epstein and also his partner Ghislaine Maxwell, and also who would go to such lengths to protect this criminal operation? Mike Cernovich, journalist and also filmmaker, breaks down the details the the Epstein case.
Police policemans have become the targets of violent activists who space seeking to upend America together we know it. Heath Mac Donald, senior Fellow in ~ the Manhattan Institute and also author of The war on Cops, is in the studio this week to break down the myths behind “systemic racism” and “police brutality.”Subscribe so you never miss out on a brand-new episode! 👉 https://www.prageru.com/series/candace/
Is self-love the an essential to finding happiness and fulfillment? Allie Stuckey, host of “Relatable” and also the writer of You're Not sufficient (& That's Okay), join Candace to debunk the myths neighboring our self-help society and why it’s toxicity to society.SUBSCRIBE so friend never miss a new episode! 👉 https://www.prageru.com/series/candace/
Why room leftists siding v radical Islamic regimes? Zuhdi Jasser, chairman of the American Islamic Forum because that Democracy, discusses why leftism and also Islamism room a herbal alliance combine to dismantle American democracy.
Matt Walsh, organize of The Matt Walsh present on the day-to-day Wire, joins Candace Owens to share a few inconvenient truths on Black resides Matter, the COVID-19 shutdowns, censorship, and parenting. Don’t miss it!
Socialism is a disastrous kind of government. At the end of the Reagan era, however, it appeared that socialism had actually been assigned to the ash heap the history. Therefore what is fueling socialism’s rebirth in America? dinesh D’Souza, author of The United says of Socialism, joins Candace this week to discuss.
What is driving gyeongju tensions in America? KingFace, conservative activist and also founder that the D.A.D. Project, sit down through Candace Owens because that a conversation on exactly how Black society shapes politics ideology. Clock now.

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Is black color Lives issue hurting or helping the black color community? does it stand for — or is that a diversion — from the Dream of young name Luther King, Jr.? Candace Owens and also Marc Lamont Hill discuss race relations in America from opposite end of the political aisle. Track in!

You can think you understand what that takes to command a happier life… much more money, a better job, or Instagram-worthy vacations. She dead wrong. Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos has studied the science of happiness and found that countless of us execute the exact opposite that what will truly make our resides better. Based upon the psychology course she teaches at Yale -- the many popular course in the university’s 300-year history -- Laurie will certainly take you through the latest scientific research and also share part surprising and inspiring stories that will adjust the means you think around happiness. gendergeek.orgMedia is the exclusive podcast companion of Pushkin Industries.