examine your basic health, including exactly how well your liver and also kidneys are workingcheck numbers of blood cellshelp diagnose cancer and other conditions

Your blood sample is sent to the laboratory. Specialist technicians and doctors look at at your sample under a microscope.

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They can see the different types of cells and can count the different blood cells. They can likewise test for different kinds the chemicals and proteins in the blood.

Preparing for your blood tests

You can eat and drink normally before most blood tests. For fasting blood test you should stop eating and drinking beforehand. Your physician will tell girlfriend for exactly how long.

What happens?

You sit or lie down to have the test.

A doctor, nurse or phlebotomist (person specialised in acquisition blood) chooses the best vein to use. This is normally from your arm or hand. Let them know if you are afraid of needles, acquire unwell v the vision of blood or room allergic to plasters or latex. 

They placed a tight band (tourniquet) around your arm over the area wherein they take it the sample. You may need to clench your fist to make it easier to discover a vein.

They clean her skin and also then put a tiny needle into your vein. Next, they attach a tiny bottle or syringe to the needle to draw out some blood. They can fill several little bottles.

Once they have all the samples, they relax the band about your arm. They climate take the needle out and also put push on the area with a cotton wool ball or little piece that gauze for a few minutes. This helps to avoid bleeding and bruising.

Look away as soon as they’re acquisition the blood if you prefer. Tell her doctor, nurse or phlebotomist if you feeling unwell.


Types the blood tests

complete blood counting

A full blood counting (FBC) actions the variety of red cells, white cells and also platelets in her blood.

Red cells bring oxygen about our bodies. Haemoglobin is the component of the cell the carries oxygen. If you have actually a low red cabinet count, her doctor might say you anaemic (pronounced a-nee-mic). This have the right to make you feeling tired, quick of breath and also dizzy.White cell fight infections. Over there are numerous different types of white cells, including neutrophils and also lymphocytes.Platelets assist clot the blood. Symptom of a low platelet count include abnormal bleeding, such as bleeding gums and nosebleeds.

There is a selection of regular for blood counts. The selection of numbers quoted as normal varies slightly between laboratories and additionally differs between men and women. 


Urea and electrolytes

These blood tests show how well your kidneys room working. Garbage chemicals dubbed urea and creatinine are produced by the body. Our kidneys eliminate them native our blood and also get to escape of lock in our urine.

Electrolytes space substances such as sodium, potassium, chloride and also bicarbonate.

Liver role tests (LFTs)

Liver duty tests (LFTs) check how well your liver is working. LFTs look for levels that enzymes and also proteins do by the liver or which are cleared by the liver. They include:

alanine aminotransferase (ALT) aspartate aminotransferase (AST) alkaline phosphatase (ALP) gamma-glutamyl transferase (Gamma GT)

They could be increased if you have actually a blockage in her liver or bile duct, or if friend drink a most alcohol.

LFTs additionally look at the lot of bilirubin in the blood. This is a chemistry in bile. 

Bilirubin have the right to be raised if you have a problem with her liver or gallbladder. Bilirubin can reason yellowing of her skin and eyes (jaundice). 

LFTs also measure albumin. This is a protein in the blood that have the right to be low in some species of cancer. You can likewise have low albumin if you’ve to be eating little amounts and also are malnourished.

Tumour mite blood test

Tumour markers room substances that might be elevated if over there is a cancer. They’re commonly proteins. They deserve to be discovered in the blood, to pee or body tissues. 

Some tumour markers space only produced by one kind of cancer. Others can be do by several types. Part markers are uncovered in non cancerous conditions as well as cancer.

Doctors could use tumour mite to help diagnose a cancer. And if you have actually cancer they can also help to monitor exactly how well your cancer treatment is functioning or inspect if the cancer has come back. 

Possible risks

Blood sampling (phlebotomy) is a safe test. Over there is a possibility of:

bleeding and also bruising - pressing hard when the needle is removed can help to prevent itpain - this is normally mild and can last for a few minutesswelling (oedema) - ask her nurse, doctor or phlebotomist to prevent an eight that is swollen or has a danger of swellingfeeling pass out or fainting - tell the human doing your blood test if you"re emotion lightheaded or light at any timeinfection - this is really rare

Getting your results

Ask the phlebotomist, doctor or nurse when and how friend will get your results. Some results might be available very quickly, such as a complete blood count and also kidney and also liver role tests. Some various other tests might take number of weeks.

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More information

We have more information on tests, treatment and also support if you have actually been diagnosed with cancer.