A new fence is currently under building and construction on the American side of the U.S.-Canada border near Lynden, Wash.

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Construction crews construct a fence along east Boundary roadway in Lynden, Wash., ~ above Wednesday. The roadway runs parallel come 0 way in Aldergrove, B.C., on the various other side that the Canada-U.S. Border. (Ben Nelms/gendergeek.org)
A fence is going up follow me the longest undefended border in the human being to safeguard the unified States and also Canada native the risk posed through "dangerous criminal enterprises" in both directions, follow to the American border patrol.

That very same stretch of roadway connecting Abbotsford and also Aldergrove, B.C., clues the area where families, friends and loved persons separated due to travel bans have been meeting up because the borders closed in March.


Friends satisfy for lunch along the worldwide border between Canada and the U.S. Follow me 0 way in Aldergrove, B.C., on Wednesday. (Ben Nelms/gendergeek.org)

A statement native United states Border Patrol claimed its Blaine ar is currently overseeing the building of a cable obstacle on the global boundary in between Boundary roadway in the united States and also 0 avenue in Canada to deal with bi-national comes to related come this ar of the border.

"Locally in our community, trans-national criminal organizations have actually capitalized top top this fragile area by smuggling both narcotics and also people," exhilaration chief patrol certified dealer Tony Holladay stated in the statement.

It claims the obstacle serves to deter drivers of vehicles native illegally cross the boundary — by accident or top top purpose — and endangering citizen in both countries.


A marker for the worldwide border between Canada and also the U.S.on 0 path in Aldergrove through the brand-new fence behind it. (Ben Nelms/gendergeek.org)

Last month RCMP seized close to 200 kilograms that methamphetamine and charged a U.S. Citizen with importation and also possession of the drug for the purpose of trafficking.

That man had reportedly travelled throughout the border using one all-terrain car hauling a trailer. He was later arrested in a blueberry field, follow to a release by police top top July 23 which states another co-conspirator stays at large.


A United claims border patrol auto along the global border behind a brand-new barrier do of steel cable and also posts. (Ben Nelms/gendergeek.org)

Pierre Carriere has been cycling 73 kilometres along the route about five time a week because that 30 years.

"I speak to it the trumped wall," the said.

"I don't really recognize why they made decision to develop that fence after for this reason many, so many years, but maybe it's because of the COVID-19."

Carriere said world have been meeting up, mostly throughout the job on weekends.

"They sit on every side of their country and also they remain there for hours, occasionally the whole family," that said.


Friends and families regularly satisfy at border between British Columbia and Washington. (Ben Nelms/gendergeek.org)

Carriere agreed medicine smuggling has been a problem.

About 10 years earlier Carriere said he experienced a car of four world getting recorded by border patrol in a ditch while cross the border, adding it have the right to be "so easy" come cross ago and forth. He has seen people try to cross on foot and also in vehicles.

For the very first time, Carriere claimed he has recently noticed RCMP in the area surveillance the boundary.

Given the fence is being installed on the southerly side the the border, the Canada Border services Agency, i m sorry is responsible because that designated port of entry, deferred questions to the U.S. Customs and also Border Protection.

The CBSA statement claimed RCMP are responsible for the area between ports in Canada.

With documents from Tina Lovegreen

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