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In this premed timeline video, Dr Freedman discusses:

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You’re premed. Does it issue where you walk to college?

You’re top to college and ready to start your premed and also medical college application timeline journey. 

So, walk it matter where you go to college?

Going to the “best college” come which friend are embraced may not constantly be a way choice.

If friend are certain that you desire to walk to clinical school, think twice.

I’m regularly asked: isn’t a “top ranked” university the ideal option because that a premed? 

Is the college in i beg your pardon you’re interested notorious for gift a “premed weeder” school?

Do your premedical classes have impossible curves?

If so, her GPA may suffer. This might negatively influence your chance of join to medical school. 

Where you go to college matters.

So, what should you do?

First of all, I do advise all premed students to attend four year universities fairly than ar colleges.

Community college classes room not taken into consideration as rigorous and most admissions committees execute not respect qualities from ar college courses. 

What should you think about when analyzing premed classes?

As friend decide where to to visit college, likewise consider course sizes.

A common applicant complaint is:

“But my classes room huge. Mine professors don’t understand me. I have no one I deserve to ask for letter of reference.” 

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You know you want to go to clinical school.

In other words, you know you desire to go to medical school.

Consider the scholastic competitiveness the the schoolClass size in making her college choiceConsider the curriculum the will assist you prepare because that the MCAT and has a monitor of document of college student who achieve competitive MCAT scores

So, here’s the deal:

What might be finest is to attend a reliable undergraduate college,


Don’t pick a institution that is not notorious for making it very tough to earn an excellent grades.

Do choose a college where you will get a solid educational structure in the sciences.

What else?

Choose a school where girlfriend will have actually the chance to work directly with your professors fairly than to teach assistants. 

And that’s no all: 

As friend make your college choice, look for out information on exactly how premedical college student fare. 

Be certain to ask premed precollege administrators the adhering to questions: 

What percentage of college student who enter college together “premeds” graduate and attend clinical school? 

Do your premed homework.

Where carry out graduates attend medical school? 

So, asking the following:

What percentage of college student who desire to apply to clinical school room “approved” for a premedical committee letter?

Well, you can read more about this in my book.

In chapter 5 of The overview to medical School Admissions, I talk about this items which couled be component of your application process.

But, this is the most important part:

Be sure to to visit a college where you deserve to pursue your intellectual curiosities. 

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Medical college admissions needs tip


Medical institution admissions committees execute not need applicants to significant in a science.


You will need to enroll in daunting science courses. 

In fact: 

With medical schools seeking diverse student bodies, admissions committees favor to watch distinctive and atypical majors. 

For example:

Medical college admissions officers like applicants with academic diversity,

Consider this:

Think around a significant or boy in a nonscience discipline such as art history or hispanic studies. 

The bottom line:

Your intellectual pursuits during college deserve to actually differentiate you throughout the application process.

So remember:

College might also be among the critical times you have the right to pursue her nonmedical and also scientific interests in depth.

So, make the most of it!

Excerpt indigenous The overview to clinical School Admissions through Dr. Jessica Freedman.

The clinical School Admissions Guide

The guide to medical School Admissions

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Where to go to university if you are premedWhen to take the MCATWhom to ask for letters of referenceHow to create a personal statementHow to write application suffer entriesHow to create “most meaningful” endure application entriesWhat clinical schools look because that in applicantsMedical school admission requirementsWhat applicants deserve to do to industry themselves most effectivelyHow clinical school admissions committees decide whom to interviewWhat to do if you room “waitlisted”Deciding where to apply and attend

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