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Let's dive into Burger King's can be fried breakfast sandwich. It's a breakfast limousine wreck of 2 eggs, two sausages, and two servings of bacon topped through cheese and also served in a "toasted hoagie bun," which appears to it is in crushed in a auto compactor prior to serving.

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If this is a toasted hoagie bun, ns don't understand what a hoagie is. It's an elongated hamburger bun with all the sogginess and also disappointment the buns room heir come — a bun to it is in wished away. The sickly yellow egg is gelatinous and tastes of complete nothingness. Through fast-food sausage and bacon all in one sandwich, the entire thing comes turn off as very salty. Ns didn't complete this one.


Burger King's much more sensibly sized offering is the Croissan'wich comes through either bacon, sausage, or ham — or if you're really emotion cured meat in the morning, all three on one sandwich. In standard BK fashion, the sandwiches seem to have been trampled flat in your wrappings.


With only two small strips that bacon, this version is downright disappointing. It's basically an egg and cheese sandwich — the bacon is every but lacking in taste. If it had sufficient bacon to divvy up in every bite, the sandwich would certainly be decent, as it's lighter fare 보다 the sausage variety. But alas, poor bacon; ns knew the not.

The sausage variation is rather satisfying. The croissant is soft to the touch, however strangely has small give, akin to the mattress in the guest room at your an excellent aunt's house. It's odd. The sausage is juicy and also savory, which walk well v the buttery taste of the croissant. However, nothing can repent for the jellied egg square.

Now to McDonald's McMuffin juggernauts. McDonald's provides sure everyone knows it offers real eggs and also real butter top top the English muffin — and also admittedly, top quality has significantly improved end the years. English muffins organize up without sogginess or sponginess, and they're breakfast food come the core.

The bacon Egg McMuffin is similar to the citizens King version as soon as it concerns the amount of bacon. I know a agency can't heap slice after slice of bacon top top every sandwich, yet come on, 2 puny slices? At least make castle larger. For this reason, it suffers indigenous the very same all-egg, all-cheese, no-bacon taste that plagues citizens King's.

That being said, McDonald's eggs are easily the ideal tasting. The sausage Egg McMuffin is by much the best McMuffin. It's miles ahead in flavor, as the sausage is strong and fine seasoned. The stands out amongst the cheese and also egg, including depth to the sandwich. Plus, the buttery English muffin add to a richness the suits the sausage an ext than the bacon.

Finally, onto Wendy's iteration: the Artisan Egg Sandwich. Wendy's currently only offer breakfast at pick locations, i m sorry is a shame considering the quality of many of the brand-new menu. It's quite surprising given the complete failure the the company's previous effort at a national breakfast food selection in 2007 — the company pulled back much the the food selection by 2009.

Wendy's bacon, egg, and also cheese suffers indigenous the exact same malady together the rest: small bacon. But the real bummer is the were simply a bit much more bacon included, the whole thing would be fantastic. The bun is a honey-wheat "artisan muffin" that resembles a whole-grain ciabatta — it's pliant and tastes rather... Healthy, in a great way. The egg, return thin, is a legitimate fried egg. It looks prefer I could have made that in a skillet in ~ home; this is no faux egg.

With sausage, there's much an ext flavor and depth to the sandwich. The patty is peppery and seasoned enough to stand on its own — the bacon gets lost in the taste of bread, however the sausage stays clear of that. This is a satisfying, filling sandwich. However, the cheese — Asiago — is virtually unnoticeable, and the alleged Hollandaise sauce is absent.

Hollis Johnson

But overall, it"s not a negative choice; a surprisingly high quality sandwich for a fast-food breakfast. Also without the strong cheese and also sauce, this sandwich eclipses the rest, winningthis breakfast sandwich battle.

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If anything, this is a sign for Wendy"s to give nationwide breakfast an additional go.

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