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Be that McDonald"s, Wendy"s, Whataburger, Jack in the Box, In-N-Out, KFC and Five guys or burger King, burger fans are often fiercely loyal to your favorite.

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Whether you"re after ~ beef or chicken, citizens King serves up formidable alternatives for both, with their signature whopper and also tendercrisp respectively.

But one guy claiming to it is in a citizens King employee has jumped top top the bandwagon of sharing behind-the-scenes clips from rapid food joints, revealing how they"re made.

daquanjames0, showing how the whopper patties and chicken room prepared.

The an initial in his current four-part series shows frozen citizens patties, as he filmed stacks of box bearing the chain"s logo.

"This is exactly how whoppers look prior to they are cooked," the captioned the clip, filmed in one unknown location.

Shared at the beginning of this month, it has actually amassed 320,000 views, and also James complied with it up with a second component a couple of days later.

"This is exactly how Burger King whoppers space cooked," he stated in the video. It mirrors him picking up a frozen patty and also popping it into the grilling machine, as he says "set time for whopper," pressing a switch on a console which also has "burger," "steakhouse" and "grilled chkn" on it.

"Meat is ready," the on-screen text says, together he choose up the burger native the other end of the machine, v Burger King"s signature flames spotted in ~ the critical minute. "Ta da," it says, as he films the perfect cooked meat.

That clip was watched more than 4 million times, yet the 3rd instalment—this time revealing how chicken is cooked—racked increase a staggering 26 million views, and also can be checked out here.


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James created "this is exactly how Burger King chicken room cooked," together he picked up chunks the meat and dipped them in flour, climate batter, then back in the flour, prior to tossing them right into the fryer.

His next video, uploaded on Sunday, revealed all around the nuggets, which appear to come ready-made in bags, frozen.

James wrote in the captions: "This is just how Burger King chicken nuggets space cooked. Acquire bag the nuggets indigenous freezer. Placed nuggets into fryer. Set timer because that nuggets. Ta da."

Since being common the clip has actually been seen much more than 70,000 times, yet fans tho couldn"t get over the in-house quit chicken.

Responding to part comments from people stating everything is frozen, James responded: "This is the brand-new chicken, the old one to be frozen and all you had actually to carry out was placed it in the fryer."

That was backed increase by an additional TikToker, Trevor B, who said: "Everyone"s speak it"s no BK but I job-related at one and also that"s literally how we do the brand-new chicken sandwich."


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It"s assumed the citizens the pair are referring come is the $4.99 Ch"King Sandwich, launched earlier this year, which assures to it is in "hand breaded."

Referencing the launch, Ellie Doty, chef marketing officer, citizens King north America said: "Our guests said it best, ours hand-breaded Ch"King sandwich is our biggest yet. We claimed we would produce a very delicious hand-breaded chicken sandwich that was precious the wait, we just didn"t anticipate the it would turn out fairly this good," website quoted.

Erik comment on the video: "Wow looks fresh for quick food."

Brittany Shoemaker admitted: "I was expecting this to make me not want quick food anymore. Yet that in reality looks an excellent asf."

"I"m in absolute shock anytime i see quick food locations that use genuine meat / ingredients," Enrika Narvilaite wrote.

"Everybody hates Burger King cuz thy in reality serve actual food and I love it," Logan.Kincaid8 commented.

See more: Dolly Parton I Will Always Love You Original Version, I Will Always Love You got to out come James and Burger King for comment.


Burger King"s new Ch"King sandwich. Clips that the food prep have been viewed more than 25 million times on TikTok. Citizens King